Gettier Problems in Machine Learning

Gettier Problems in Machine Learning

Gettier Problems in Machine Learning. Have a look at one of the most prominent philosophical puzzles through the lenses of machine learning.

Gettier Problems

If you haven't heard the term already, here’s the gist of it. The Classical Account of Knowledge suggests the following:

One can know a proposition is true, only if:

1) The porposition is true;

2) One believes the proposition;

3) and One’s beliefs are justified.

According to this view of knowledge, knowledge is just justified true belief. That every time you come to a conclusion q through p implying it, p needs to be true and justified so as to lead to it. This justification needs to satisfy the anti-luck intuition and the ability intuition. The anti-luck intuition simply states that your knowledge isn’t just out of luck that you’ve got it right while e the ability intuition states that this knowing was down to your cognitive abilities.

Now, this account of knowledge is plausible. But around the 1960s, Edmund Gettier got to disproving the basis of this account of knowledge.

The Stopped Clock Case

This was stated by Bertrand Russel to prove a different point but we shall use this example here. Let us say you get up one morning and look at the time on your clock. This clock is very reliable and there is absolutely no reason you’d doubt that the clock is showing you the wrong time. Also, the time shown by the clock corresponds to what time you might take it to roughly be.

But here’s the problem. That clock stopped working 24 hours ago exactly. The moment you’re looking at it, it just so happens that it is showing you the correct time. This is pure luck. But is the inference you make of the time actually knowledge? Well, one would argue that a clock that isn’t working can never show you the correct time and how you got the proposition of the time correct was just luck attacking the anti-luck intuition. So, you have a justified true belief that doesn’t satisfy knowledge.

Another case could be, looking at the above image of a clock and imagining whether it is one of a stopped clock or a working one.

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