Top 5 Easy-to-Use Apps for Finding House Cleaners

Top 5 Easy-to-Use Apps for Finding  House Cleaners

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Society has evolved so much in many ways. From the technologies and tools available to us to the lifestyle changes we make, there are many conveniences that we can have in modern society.

Sometimes, both make for a single change that makes our lives more convenient. One of the examples of that combination would be professional home cleaning services.

Nowadays, people can be busy to keep their house neat and tidy. Thus, it would be ideal to hire people who can do it for them. And technological advancements have allowed them to do so with ease.

Simply put, it has even elevated more than that recently.

According to Cleaning Exec Cleaning Services NYC, some apps can help you find professional house cleaners.

If you have not done this yet, you might want to consider hiring professional cleaners at some point. Professional cleaners are especially helpful for more significant cleaning tasks.

For instance, if you just moved in or your house underwent renovation.

They are also incredibly practical when you need a clean house but are too busy to carve out the time to clean it.

The convenience of finding a professional home cleaner through an app makes the process seamless.

Some people might not know where to find professional cleaners to hire in the first place, which is why there are apps you can consult.

Many similar apps help you hire professional cleaners. Here are five easy-to-use apps for finding house cleaners if you do not know which apps to choose from:

1. ChoreRelief

ChoreRelief is one of the best apps out there dedicated to helping people find house cleaners.

Users of the app can say how much they are willing to pay to hire a house cleaner. That transparency is a lot easier for both the customer or client and the contractor. Also, this app is free to use for anyone.

Besides connecting you with house cleaners, it also gets you in touch with any handyman in your area. For any home maintenance issues you have, you might find a contractor on ChoreRelief to help you.

The benefits of this app do not only go towards the clients. The contractors who use this app also find that this app is useful for finding clients.

2. Handy

Another app that connects you with several cleaning and home maintenance professionals is Handy.

Handy's professionals bring their cleaning supplies and other tools based on what you hired them to do. The app also has some considerable flexibility when scheduling, as long as you reschedule before 24 hours of your appointment.

Do note that the cleaning process on Handy is quite basic. You'll have to pay extra for deep cleaning. If all you need someone to do is some wiping down of surfaces, scrubbing the bathroom, vacuuming, and sweeping floors, Handy is useful.

3. MaidsApp

MaidsApp is what it sounds like. It is an app that helps connect you with maids that will clean your home.

They connect you with professional cleaners in your area, depending on your location.

There are three cleaning options available for you to choose: Quick Clean, Basic Clean, and Deep Clean.

Quick Clean will get the maid in and out of your home in an hour after cleaning your home surfaces. Basic Clean is the average cleaning process that you probably do in your home. Deep Clean is a thorough process that covers almost everything you may need.

Since they train and do a background check on their maids, you can trust the work quality.

4. Tidy

For people who are in the home rental business, looking for professional cleaners all the time can be a hassle. With Tidy's help, though, you will have an easier time finding house cleaners available within your area.

Think of it as an Uber or Lyft, but it gets you some house cleaners instead of a car.

Tidy is quite affordable, so you can expect competitive prices when you hire house cleaners from here.

5. Housecall Pro

Businesses in the Home Service industry can also enjoy using the Housecall Pro.

For one, it allows you to track professional home cleaners and technicians. This app also comes in handy for invoicing and scheduling cleaning tasks.

It makes it a lot easier to manage the logistics that come with hiring outside help to maintain the office. For any businesses out there, consider getting Housecall Pro to help track your contractors.

Final Say

Although there are plenty of apps related to finding the house cleaners, each app has its strengths and weaknesses.

If you are the type of person who requires professional home cleaners, you might want to consider using these apps. Not only are they easy to use, but they are also convenient overall.

Try these apps out as soon as you ever need the help of professional cleaners.

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