How To Make a Windows Keylogger By Yourself

How To Make a Windows Keylogger By Yourself

In this tutorial, we will learn how to make a windows keylogger by yourself. The hacker world can be contingently divided into three groups: the “skids”, “buyers”, and “black had coders”.

Hacker world can be contingently divided into three groups: the so-called “skids” (script kiddies), “buyers”, and “black hat coders”. The first group includes beginners who use well-known codes and utilities to create something resembling simple malicious software. Buyers are teenagers and other thrill-seekers who buy such malware on the Net and use it to collect and sell personal and financial data from target devices.

The last group called “black hat coders” includes programming gurus writing the codes in a notebook and developing new exploits from scratch. Can anybody with good programming skills become one of the “black hat coders”? I doubt it but I believe any IT security specialist should know several concepts that are used to create malicious software. Always know your enemy:)

Keyloggers — General Info

A keylogger is a tool collecting and recording all keystrokes from the target device. Some keyloggers record the data in a hidden mode and transfer it to the spy via an online account. There are also keyloggers that require physical access to the target computer but they are not widely used. Keyloggers can be integrated into more complex software like trojans that ensure the data delivery back to the attacker. Without further ado, let’s create the basic keylogging features on Windows.


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