Forest Fire Detection Using Remote Sensing Techniques

Forest Fire Detection Using Remote Sensing Techniques

Forest plays a vital role in providing habitat for many life forms. This blog will introduce you to forest fire detection using remote sensing techniques.

Forest fire plays a major role in the degradation of the forest area and extremely difficult to control. It affects the essential factors such as climate, water cycle, the habitat of thousands of life forms and the whole environmental ecosystem. Forest is the large land area covered by trees with different heights and density, shrubs, grasses, vegetation, agricultural plants, and more species.

One of the easiest ways to study forest fires is Remote sensing and GIS techniques. It ha become more predominate, that more satellites now study earth’s behavior and simultaneously provides images of the earth.  This is how we will be able to extract information about the forest such as forest fires, causes of the fire, types of forest fire, forest-covered areas, assessment of forest fires, type of forest fire occurred, estimation of forest fire burned areas and so on. This is where remote sensing is used to detect forest fires. 

What is causes Forest Fire?

There are two causes of a forest fire that are natural causes and manmade causes.

Natural causes

Lightning is the natural cause of forest fires. Lightning fires cause more damage to the forest. This is because lighting fires occur in remote areas which far from human presence, unlike fires caused by human activities. Volcanic eruptions, mountain slopes, and lava flow can cause fires that are difficult to put out because of other associated risks.

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