The many uses of data science - and why it’s a great career path

The many uses of data science - and why it’s a great career path

Data science is one of the fastest-growing career fields. Thanks to the ubiquity of tech devices and internet communication technology, data science is increasingly necessary in almost every field. We break down the many uses of data science, and why you should consider it as a career.

_Data science is changing the world. Once a relatively small academic field, this discipline has exploded across the globe thanks to the rapid digitalisation and technological growth of, well, everything. Today, the uses of data science span every industry imaginable: in medicine, epidemiology, business, research, development, logistics, and countless other fields. Let’s take a look at some of the best examples of how data science is changing our world forever, and why it’s such an amazing in-demand and high-paying career path to get into. _


In the 1990’s the Oakland Athletics baseball team didn’t have the budget to sign leading players. At the time, players were picked on face-value assessments and the talent scouts’ individual ‘hunches’. With the introduction of sabremetrics, the team’s general manager Billy Beane and his assistant Paul DePodesta started picking unconventional or unpopular players based on their average performances. The team they picked went on to win 20 games in a row, breaking league records and cementing the credibility of data science in sports (and eventually spawning a movie about the events, called Moneyball). 

Today, sports analysis is a billion-dollar industry, with partnerships between some of the biggest teams and players, and the largest tech corporations – such as Real Madrid and Microsoft. The uses of data science and analytical tools in sport analysis include understanding performance, improving training, and predicting competition outcomes. These applications are also widely used in the multi-billion-dollar sports betting industry, which uses data science to create fair odds for gambling.

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