Joel Kelly

Joel Kelly


PyTorch Tutorial - RNN & LSTM & GRU - Recurrent Neural Nets

Implement a Recurrent Neural Net (RNN) in PyTorch! Learn how we can use the nn.RNN module and work with an input sequence. I also show you how easily we can switch to a gated recurrent unit (GRU) or long short-term memory (LSTM) RNN.


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PyTorch Tutorial - RNN & LSTM & GRU - Recurrent Neural Nets
Einar  Hintz

Einar Hintz


jQuery Ajax CRUD in ASP.NET Core MVC with Modal Popup

In this article, we’ll discuss how to use jQuery Ajax for ASP.NET Core MVC CRUD Operations using Bootstrap Modal. With jQuery Ajax, we can make HTTP request to controller action methods without reloading the entire page, like a single page application.

To demonstrate CRUD operations – insert, update, delete and retrieve, the project will be dealing with details of a normal bank transaction. GitHub repository for this demo project :

Sub-topics discussed :

  • Form design for insert and update operation.
  • Display forms in modal popup dialog.
  • Form post using jQuery Ajax.
  • Implement MVC CRUD operations with jQuery Ajax.
  • Loading spinner in .NET Core MVC.
  • Prevent direct access to MVC action method.

Create ASP.NET Core MVC Project

In Visual Studio 2019, Go to File > New > Project (Ctrl + Shift + N).

From new project window, Select Asp.Net Core Web Application_._

Image showing how to create ASP.NET Core Web API project in Visual Studio.

Once you provide the project name and location. Select Web Application(Model-View-Controller) and uncheck HTTPS Configuration. Above steps will create a brand new ASP.NET Core MVC project.

Showing project template selection for .NET Core MVC.

Setup a Database

Let’s create a database for this application using Entity Framework Core. For that we’ve to install corresponding NuGet Packages. Right click on project from solution explorer, select Manage NuGet Packages_,_ From browse tab, install following 3 packages.

Showing list of NuGet Packages for Entity Framework Core

Now let’s define DB model class file – /Models/TransactionModel.cs.

public class TransactionModel
    public int TransactionId { get; set; }

    [Column(TypeName ="nvarchar(12)")]
    [DisplayName("Account Number")]
    [Required(ErrorMessage ="This Field is required.")]
    [MaxLength(12,ErrorMessage ="Maximum 12 characters only")]
    public string AccountNumber { get; set; }

    [Column(TypeName ="nvarchar(100)")]
    [DisplayName("Beneficiary Name")]
    [Required(ErrorMessage = "This Field is required.")]
    public string BeneficiaryName { get; set; }

    [Column(TypeName ="nvarchar(100)")]
    [DisplayName("Bank Name")]
    [Required(ErrorMessage = "This Field is required.")]
    public string BankName { get; set; }

    [Column(TypeName ="nvarchar(11)")]
    [DisplayName("SWIFT Code")]
    [Required(ErrorMessage = "This Field is required.")]
    public string SWIFTCode { get; set; }

    [Required(ErrorMessage = "This Field is required.")]
    public int Amount { get; set; }

    [DisplayFormat(DataFormatString = "{0:MM/dd/yyyy}")]
    public DateTime Date { get; set; }


Here we’ve defined model properties for the transaction with proper validation. Now let’s define  DbContextclass for EF Core. core article core #add loading spinner in core core crud without reloading core jquery ajax form core modal dialog core mvc crud using jquery ajax core mvc with jquery and ajax core popup window #bootstrap modal popup in core mvc. bootstrap modal popup in core #delete and viewall in core #jquery ajax - insert #jquery ajax form post #modal popup dialog in core #no direct access action method #update #validation in modal popup

Aayush Singh

Aayush Singh


.Net Tutorial | .Net Framework Tutorial | Tutorial | Learn Dot Net | Intellipaat

In this .Net Tutorial video, you will learn everything about .net from basic to advanced topics. This .Net Framework tutorial video covers all the basic concepts of dot net, OOPS, Parameters & How strings are stored in memory, Boxing & Unboxing, Static class, method & variables, the difference between String & String builder, Exception Handling, SQL command, Lambda Operators & Delegates, and Dot Net interview questions.

Why ASP.NET is important?

ASP.NET is an open-source, server-side web application framework created by Microsoft. ASP.NET allows developers to create web applications, web services, and dynamic content-driven websites.

Why should you opt for an ASP.NET career?

ASP.NET is a great framework to use when developing web sites and web applications. It is reliable, fast, easy to use, free, and widely known. ASP.NET gives you full control of your development and can be used on any project, big or small. tutorial framework tutorial tutorial

Joel Kelly

Joel Kelly


PyTorch Tutorial - RNN & LSTM & GRU - Recurrent Neural Nets

Implement a Recurrent Neural Net (RNN) in PyTorch! Learn how we can use the nn.RNN module and work with an input sequence. I also show you how easily we can switch to a gated recurrent unit (GRU) or long short-term memory (LSTM) RNN.


#python #pytorch #machine-learning #programming #developer

The Recurrent Neural Network (RNNs)

A recurrent neural network (RNN) is an input node (hidden layer) that feeds sigmoid activation. The way an RNN does this is to take the output of one neuron and return it as input to another neuron or feed the input of the current time step to the output of earlier time steps. Here you feed the input from the previous times step by step into the input of the current times and vice versa.

Image for post

This can be used in a variety of ways, such as through learning gates with known variations or a combination of sigmoid activation and a number of other types of neural networks.

Some of the applications for RNNs include predicting energy demand, predicting stock prices, and predicting human behavior. RNNs are modeled over time — based and sequence-based data, but they are also useful in a variety of other applications.

A recurrent neural network is an artificial neural network used for deep learning, machine learning, and other forms of artificial intelligence (AI). They have a number of attributes that make them useful for tasks where data needs to be processed sequentially.

To get a little more technical, recurring neural networks are designed to learn a sequence of data by traversing a hidden state from one step of the sequence to the next, combined with the input, and routing it back and forth between the inputs. RNN are neural networks that are designed for the effective handling of sequential data but are also useful for non-sequential data.

These types of data include text documents that can be seen as a sequence of words or audio files in which you can see a sequence of sound frequencies and times. The more information about the output layer is available, the faster it can be read and sequenced, and the better its performance.

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Dominic  Feeney

Dominic Feeney


Sentiment Analysis Using TensorFlow Keras - Analytics India Magazine

Natural Language Processing is one of the artificial intelligence tasks performed with natural languages. The word ‘natural’ refers to the languages that evolved naturally among humans for communication. A long-standing goal in artificial intelligence is to make a machine effectively communicate with humans. Language modeling and Language generation (such as neural machine translation) have been popular among researchers for over a decade. For an AI beginner, learning and practicing Natural Language Processing can be initialized with classification of texts. Sentiment Analysis is among the text classification applications in which a given text is classified into a positive class or a negative class (sometimes, a neutral class, too) based on the context. This article discusses sentiment analysis using TensorFlow Keras with the IMDB movie reviews dataset, one of the famous Sentiment Analysis datasets.

TensorFlow’s Keras API offers the complete functionality required to build and execute a deep learning model. This article assumes that the reader is familiar with the basics of deep learning and Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs). Nevertheless, the following articles may yield a good understanding of deep learning and RNNs:

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