Deploying a Python Flask application

Deploying a Python Flask application

Serverless is the new cool kid. Well, might not be “new” new, but considering that still the majority of web applications are monolithic…

Serverless is the new cool kid. Well, might not be “new” new, but considering that still the majority of web applications are monolithic and quite a few (compared to serverless) are micro-services, its still quite a mysterious technology which often either overlooked or overdone. Some companies are migrating some of their more “_serverlessish_” functions to cloud as serverless functions, and the use cases are becoming more and more evident in the technology business.

This particular post will be not on the basics of serverless concepts nor any of the tools used here. But I will be brushing on the usability of each of these services and how together these can make a match made in heaven.

Well, first you need the Python Flask application itself. So let’s create a very simple Flask app.

First, it’s advisable (or rather necessary) to have the virtual environment setup. So, this assumes that it’s installed. if not just run;

pip install virtualenv

navigate to the project directory.

virtualenv some_env

source some_env/bin/activate

once, the virtual environment is created and you have sourced to it. Install necessary pip libraries in the environment. What you will need essentially is only Flask for this tutorial, but it does not matter what are the other libraries you will be using if you have them in the requirements list file (ie. requirements.txt).

python circleci flask serverless-framework aws-lambda

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