Launching Your Home Decor Website With Magento E-commerce Development

According to statistics, there are more than 250,000 active e-commerce stores running on Magento. The number might look small when compared with the total number of websites. However, in terms of online stores, it is about 12%. A hugely popular e-commerce development platform, Magento, continues to perform at a very high level. If you are contemplating starting your e-commerce store dealing with home decor, there is no better option than Magento. Being an open-source e-commerce platform, Magento is highly scalable and customizable, thus giving you the freedom to play with it as per your needs. Magento receives numerous accolades for being a platform that is ideal for marketing, i.e., enabling cross-sell and upsell features. Thus, becoming a go-to e-commerce web development platform. Let us explore the key features of Magento e-commerce development to consolidate your decision behind choosing it for your business.

Establishing An Omnichannel Presence
The furniture and housewares business focus majorly on the in-store experience. However, online sales have also grabbed the market share, although a fraction of the total figures. Despite being a bite-sized sales figure at present, e-commerce is gradually becoming the preferred mode of shopping. Hence, retailers must look to adapt to the changing consumer behavior with the right mix of offline and online strategies to deliver a comprehensive customer experience. While offline stores have their methods of operation, it is all about how you manage online to address the customer pain points. Today’s consumer wants to interact with your brand on multiple devices, shuffling between channels fluidly. Therefore, it becomes highly critical for retailers to blend the in-store experience with the online one, and vice-versa. Now to do it effectively, retailers must apply their knowledge and experience to digital and convert today’s consumers into recurring ones. Magento allows launching and growing an online store with its rich list of features that are as follows:
Open-source platform
SEO-optimized platform
Highly customizable
Safer and more secure upgrade and payments
Cross-browser support
Quick checkout option
Multi-lingual and multi-currency support
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Running An SEO-friendly Website
Magento’s inbuilt SEO features make it a clear winner in the race of e-commerce web development platforms. The features such as making search engine friendly URLs, applying proper tags, creating site-maps, and measuring the website’s performance with the traffic generated eases the ranking process of products on all search engines. Be it Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other search engine, the chances of ranking products increase if you’re running a Magento store. When you have an SEO-friendly website, all you need to do is invest your focus on analyzing the performance based on the accumulated data. When you do it, you’ll be able to construct a progressive path by improving the performance of your website. Thus, overall delivering a user-friendly experience.
Tapping The Hidden Potential
Magento provides an inclusive range of features in a well-organized manner to let you manage, modify, and run your website. It has multiple extensions for e-commerce development services to add additional features as per the requirements. You can also provide a sense of security to the consumers through role-based security with various authentication levels, PCI compliance, different levels of source validation, and SSL security for online transactions. Since online fraud is a ubiquitous problem, consumers are keen to know about the measures to ensure their payment credentials are untouched. Also Read: Five Reason Why You Should Invest In Magento Extensions In addition to these hidden features, creating a visual appeal to engage customers at every touchpoint of their journey is essential. With rich visuals of your products, you can attract customers and keep them hooked. Designing a perfect landing page is necessary on both the website and social media platforms for maximum impact. You can choose from the range of customizable themes to illustrate your brand value and its feel. Taking a cue from it, you can extend the same touch to your social media pages to strengthen your brand image. Also Read: E-commerce Development Services | Optimizing Your Store To Meet Consumer Demands
Wrapping Up!
Magento is an excellent e-commerce development platform that provides a host of features for launching an online store with ease. Its SEO-friendliness, scalability, flexibility, and user-friendliness make it a desirable choice for developers. We at Oodles put our experiential knowledge in e-commerce web development to take our client’s business to the next level. Our data-driven approach work in tandem with the business requirements of our clients. For more information on Magento E-commerce Development services at Oodles, talk to our experts. You can get in touch with us by clicking here

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Magento Website Development Tips For Beginners

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Are you planning to build your eCommerce website? Building a Magento store may not be a simple task as it may seem. This popular CMS is known to be an SEO-friendly eCommerce platform for creating feature-rich websites for small and large businesses. Millions of brands have been using Magento for building their web stores and have greatly been benefited from it.

This open-source platform is available for free of charge. You can hire the best Magento development company to create a future-ready website. Hence, it is considered to be a cost-effective platform for startups and small business owners also. Without digging a hole in your pocket, you can avail a robust and scalable store to showcase and sell your products and services. You can get a responsive online store with Magento CMS.

No doubt that Magento is one of the most popular and well-known eCommerce platforms in the world. Did you know that giants like Ford, Samsung, Nike, and Men’s Health use Magento for their websites? So, this is definitely a powerful CMS platform for e-stores. If you are looking for out-of-the-box solutions, it’s time to hire the best Magento development company for your project. You do not require any technical expertise to manage your Magento store.
Effective Tips And Tricks For Magento Website Development:

  1. Think Of A Unique Domain Name And Hosting
    If you are a start-up, you need to think of your business name and try to find a domain name. Choose a name that is short and easy to remember for the users. Catchy and unique domain names will support SEO tools for marketing.
    Once you have purchased a domain name, you should look for a Magento hosting provider. There are several hosting providers in the market. You should compare their services, read reviews, compare prices, and make the right decision.

  2. Pick The Right Theme
    Modern Magento themes offer stunning UIs for eCommerce stores. You should look for a completely responsive and cross-browser compatible Magento theme. Depending on your business type and industry, you can select the right theme for your brand. As there are hundreds and thousands of free as well as paid Magento themes, you can compare the features of a few of them and make the right decision. You can find the latest editions and choose the best suitable theme for your business.
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  3. Customize Your Design To Match Your Brand’s Colors
    Now, once you have selected the template and theme, you should design the website to match your brand’s colors and fonts. The eCommerce website you design should be easy to understand and offer the best shopping experience to the users. Put yourselves in the shoes of the users and design an attractive and user-friendly store with Magento. Design a unique and informative product description for the product pages and make the process of buying easier for the users. Providing a great user experience to the shoppers is very important for your brand.

  4. Offer An Exceptional User Experience
    Providing a great user experience to the shoppers is very important for your brand. Step into the shoes of your target audience and try to plan the right navigation to deliver the best user experience for your website. The products should be quickly added to the cart and users should be able to complete the purchase without wasting any time. If you experience a higher cart abandonment rate, it is time to think about improving the user experience of your Magento store.

  5. Configure The Store Functionality
    Once the design of your website is ready, you should add the right features to the site. Think of all the features you would need and hire the best Magento development company. The experts will be able to choose the best extensions available at the Magento marketplace.There are plenty of free and paid extensions available and so, you should compare the features and functionality and make the right decision. You can find relevant extensions for adding payment gateways, customize the way products are displayed, launch a blog, improve order management, and integrate social networks into your online store.

  6. Determine The Shipping Methods And Payment Gateways
    Magento allows the website owners to add different shipping options and payment gateways to your online eCommerce store. You can pick simple or multi-shipping options, set up the rates for shipping, add minimum order amount, and maximize the business benefits. Website owners can pick popular payment gateways like PayPal, Amazon Pay, Braintree, and others.
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