Object-Oriented JavaScript: Complete Beginner’s Guide

Object-Oriented JavaScript: Complete Beginner’s Guide

In this Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) tutorial, we cover the object fundamentals, OOPS concepts, the ES5 constructor function, the prototype concept, inheritance and the ES6 class syntax.

In this Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) tutorial, we will take a look at this style of programming in JavaScript. We cover the object fundamentals, OOPS concepts, the ES5 constructor function, the prototype concept, inheritance and the ES6 class syntax.

In JavaScript and every other programming language, there are different ways you can write and organize your code. It can be procedural, functional, object-oriented etc.

These are called the programming paradigm.

Knowing these major styles of programming is an essential skill for every developer. You’ll always come in contact with them either you are working on your project or some other existing once.

In the procedural style, for instance, we organize code in terms of procedure or task. This is an easy style of writing and you’ve most likely written one.

Let’s take a look at the following code:

const btn = document.querySelector("button")

function displayButtonText() {
  console.log(`This is the text in the clicked button: ${btn.innerText}`)

btn.addEventListener("click", displayButtonText)

Here, we are splitting the code instructions into procedures. Likewise, the data and the function that operates on them are separated from one another – i.e they are decoupled.

To see the code in action, you can create a simple HTML file and add a button element. Add the above code to a linked .js file. Then look up the console of your browser to see the message on click.


This is not the approach of the object-oriented JavaScript. It aims at using the object to implement real-life entities (which helps us easily achieve modularity) instead of thinking in terms of individual variables and function.

Let’s get started!

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