Working With SQL Versus Pandas (Part 1) Plus Practice Problems

Working With SQL Versus Pandas (Part 1) Plus Practice Problems

Working With SQL Versus Pandas (Part 1) Plus Practice Problems - Selecting, filtering, and sorting data

Selecting, filtering, and sorting data


The Python Pandas library and SQL are both popular tools for manipulating data and have a lot of overlap in their functionality. So, what better way to improve your skill at both than to put Pandas and SQL head-to-head by working through the same coding problems for each?

This is the first of a series of articles I will write to help you directly compare Pandas and SQL. My goal is to help you:

  1. Learn and compare functionality
  2. If you already know one, then to learn the other
  3. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of each
  4. Have multiple tools for manipulating data

For the examples here I will use the infamous Titanic dataset that can be found on Kaggle. I encourage you to look at it while going through this article so you can follow along. At the end, I will present some practice problems for you to work through on your own based on the specific functionality discussed in this article.

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