Robinhood Trading with ReactJS

Robinhood Trading with ReactJS

Robinhood React .Robinhood Trading with ReactJS

Robinhood React


UI built by Jason Maurer!


This packages uses Robinhoods API allowing you to use Robinhood in your browser. Limited to (well designed!) mobile apps no more!

Check out the Trello board to stay up to date on the development!


  • node ^7.0.0 <-- probably works on older versions, but this is the only versions its been tested on
  • yarn ^0.20.3

Getting Started

First, clone the project:

$ git clone robinhood
$ cd robinhood

Then install dependencies and check to see it works. It is recommended that you use Yarn for deterministic installs, but npm install will work just as well.

$ yarn install    # Install project dependencies
$ yarn start      # Compile and launch (same as `npm start`)


Below is a quick reference to the code base, mainly to give structure to the flow of the actions -> reducers -> store

You can find the style guide for writing react components and their redux counterparts in our wiki.

Helper packages

Project Structure

|-- .babelrc
|-- .eslintrc
|-- .eslintignore
|-- .gitignore
|-- .dockerignore
|-- .editorconfig
|-- Dockerfile
|-- package.json
|-- yarn.lock
|-- client/
|    |-> index.js
|    |-> routes.js
|-- shared/
|  |-- actions/
|    |-- AccountActions.js
|    |-- AuthedActions.js
|    |-- NewsActions.js
|    |-- OrderActions.js
|    |-- PortfolioActions.js
|    |-- QuoteActions.js
|    |-- WatchlistActions.js
|  |-- components/
|    |-- Account.js
|    |-- Banner.js
|    |-- FilterSearch.js
|    |-- Footer.js
|    |-- Link.js
|    |-- Nav.js
|    |-- NavSearch.js
|    |-- Quote.js
|    |-- Row.js
|    |-- Table.js
|  |-- containers/
|    |-- AccountContainer.js
|    |-- App.js
|    |-- DashboardContainer.js
|    |-- LoginContainer.js
|    |-- NotFoundPage.js
|    |-- OrderContainer.js
|    |-- QuoteContainer.js
|    |-- Root.js
|  |-- constants/
|    |-- ActionTypes.js
|    |-- Config.js
|    |-- Schemas.js
|  |-- reducers/
|    |-- authentication.js
|    |-- order.js
|    |-- quote.js
|    |-- rootReducer.js
|    |-- user.js
|    |-- watchlist.js
|  |-- store/
|    |-- configureStore.js
|-- server/
|    |-- index.js
|    |-- server.js
|-- webpack.config.js

actions/ contain all action creators. These are triggered by events and return an action object (or function, using thunk middleware) that will notify reducers there needs to be a change in the state

components/ contains dumb components

containers/ contains react components that serve as containers for multiple dumb components. This will connect React components to the Redux store. The connect method will map the state to props by subscribing to a store that has been passed through the components context and will tell the component to update whenever the state changes. connect can also map dispatch to props by connecting action creators to and to the store dispatch method allowing the props to be invoked directly (rather than store.dispatch({type: 'MY_ACTION', id: 1})).

reducers/ hold functions that take the current state and an action type and return a new state with the changes

store/ allows for the definition of a custom redux store to insert middleware, in this instance thunk.


- Dashboard
  - total cash
  - news
  - positions
  - quotes
  - watchlists
- Account
  - daytrade warnings
  - gold
  - withdrawalabe funds
  - buying power
  - pending orders
  - instant deposits
- History
  - All history
    - Filter by buy, sell, age
- Quote
- Owned Quote
  - Quote +
  - shares
  - equity value
  - average cost
  - total return
  - todays return
  - orders
- Banking
  - linked accounts
  - transfer to robinhood
  - transfer to bank

Download Details:

Author: moosh3

Source Code:

reactjs react javascript

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