Sets and Hashes in Redis

Sets and Hashes in Redis

Sorted Sets are often used in order to index data that is stored inside Redis. For instance if you have many hashes representing users, you can use a sorted set with elements having the age of the user as the score and the ID of the user as the value.

The topic for today is sets and hashes in Redis. These are two of the most useful data types in Redis and they’re often neglected by developers. It’s important to understand the fundamental concepts behind them because choosing the right data types helps a lot when trying to scale your application.

In this tutorial, I’m using Redis-Py to showcase the functionalities. The concept behind it is the same whichever programming language you use. Redis-Py uses the same name for function call as the original comand, with some minor exceptions. You can find the full list of the supported programming languages at the following link.


Make sure that you have Redis installed on your local machine. The local machine must consist of Linux distributions with minimal configuration settings.

Compiling on your own

You can download and compile it on your machine with the following commands (version 6.0.8 at the time of writing):

tar xzf redis-6.0.8.tar.gz
cd redis-6.0.8

You should see a src folder when it’s completed. Change the working directory to src folder.

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