Tableau Data Analysis Tips and Tricks

Tableau Data Analysis Tips and Tricks

Tableau Data Analysis Tips and Tricks. Master the one of the most powerful data analytics tool with some handy shortcut and tricks.

Tableau is one of the most powerful and popular Data Analysis Tool. Tableau holds almost _**_14%**_ market of Business Analysis software industries with highest satisfied customer base._

This is one of Tableau Tips and Trick Series, Where I will tell you some of the timesaving shortcuts for data analysis.

I have a few tricks and tips that every tableau user can apply to make their analysis much faster and efficient. So let's get started.

Tableau Tricks and Shortcuts

Copy and Paste

It is an amazing tool that allows you to just copy your data and paste it for much faster analysis. (Windows: Ctrl + C for Copy, Ctrl + V for Paste) (Mac: Command + C for Copy, Command + V for Paste)

Drag and Drop

Tableau allows drag and drops feature to flat files for Tableau data extracts connections.

Quick Aggregation

Right-click when dragging the measures/dimensions for analysis into the view for quick aggregation options.


To repeat and reuse a measure that already exists in the display, keep down the CTRL key (Command for Mac) when moving it.


Tableau is a powerful and intelligent tool where instead of typing Zeros in large numbers (Thousands or Millions), we can use denominators K and M(K-Thousands, M-Millions).

Zoom-in Shortcut

Use “Ctrl+Shift+Area Selection” to zoom in quickly and easily while looking into huge time data.

Measures Swapping

For swapping the measures in view follow these steps: “Analysis(Menu Bar)” — “Cycle fields”.

Initial Dashboard

Use the “ESC” key to remove all the filters applied on the Analytics Dashboard to revert it Initial State.

Format Dashboard

Menu bar → “Format” → “Format Dashboard” to Change and Titles and Text in the Dashboard


Steal it like a Pro

Tableau has a huge community where thousands of analysis enthusiasts answer questions and publish their own dashboard to the public for reference and use. Making a dashboard from scratch requires a lot of time and tons of creativity but if we are able to align our data with publicly available dashboards then our work is reduced to half.

I recommend taking look into it. Choose the one dashboard you like and try to align your analytical data in a creative manner.

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