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How much does it cost to build an MVP? 4 options to fit a budget

An efficient MVP cannot be based only on the idea. Even if your idea is groundbreaking, its successful completion always lies in estimating costs. Sometimes the price of your future MVP can be even less than you expected. But to play safe, you need to know what is necessary while building your startup and what is not.
Planning Budget to build an MVP

Planning your budget for an MVP can be a tricky task. Since you are a non-technical founder, it may be not very easy for you to estimate all the technical requirements. Moreover, you need to be sure that all the pain points of your app are solved. There is a room for multiple mistakes and we will help you to avoid them.
Stay Focused
The MVP business planning is not fully based on the development costs. You should also take into consideration sales and marketing channels. In our practice, we prefer to allocate targets. Try to stay focused on what is necessary for your future app, getting out of the way all the excessive matters.
Quality comes first
What must be mentioned here, is that you definitely should handle your budget wisely. But never try to save money on development by lowering quality. It’s a bad habit of businessmen to think that the quantity comes first. They think that the higher number of features would make their app better. That may work for a huge product developed to cover all the customer needs at once. But you need to think of your MVP as just a trial version. Give a chance for your app showing the user its quality.
How much does it cost?
Normally, the producing of an MVP involves project management, design, coding, and testing. At times, it also takes additional maintenance. From there, we can calculate a potential cost.
The UX/UI prototyping, idea validation and pitching the product to investors will cost you from $5,000 to $10,000.
The MVP development will cost you from $15,000 to $50,000. The price depends on project complexity.
The development of your landing page and promotion of your project will cost you, on average, $2,000.
How much time does it take?
The development time is highly dependant on your budget and comes in proportion to it. Your main goal is to adapt to changes as quickly as possible. It’s the only way to make a successful application and outdistance your competitors. Minimize the time between updates, giving your developers 1–2 week iterations. It will be enough for them to update the app and test its new features.
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How much does it cost to build an MVP? 4 options to fit a budget

How much does it cost to create an online learning app?

Are you thinking of executing an E-learning app in the market?

Then firstly you need to understand the concept of E-learning in more detail and also know about the types of E-learning app and what is the E-learning app demand in the market.

In this present time, every industry is taking the help of technology for maximizing their profits, as people love to use the technology for fulfilling their basic requirements. Every industry is now providing online services via web apps or mobile apps.

What are the Basic features an E-learning app contains?

Features list for a learner Panel:

  • Easy registration and login module for learners.
  • Easy navigation to the courses and study material
  • Can able to search various courses by applying various filters
  • Can get notify whenever a new course is added to the platform.
  • Can purchase the courses by doing online payment
  • Can access the quiz test and mock test services
  • Learners can post questions and answer
  • Learner can directly chat with the tutor for clearing doubts.
  • Learner can check their history or list of purchased courses.
  • Learner can easily track their progress by reports which is generated in-app.

Features list for a tutor Panel:

  • Tutor can easily set up and manage their account
  • Tutor can easily update or modify their uploaded courses.
  • Tutor get notify whenever any learner has posted a question
  • Tutor can manage the payment module
  • Tutor can clear the doubts of the learner by chat module.

Feature list for an Admin Panel:

  • Admin can do the learners data management
  • Admin can do the tutor data management
  • Can manage the courses
  • Manage and define the categories or Subcategories of courses.
  • Manage the premium and subscription packages.
  • Payment management
  • Manage the chats and discussion forum.
  • Content management system
  • Able to generate reports and do analysis.

What are the factors on which the cost of the E-learning app depends?

The cost of the E-learning app is depended on some of the factors. Let me list down the factors affecting the cost of an E-learning app:

  • The Cost of an E-learning is depended on the UI/UX design of the app.
  • Cost also depends on the size of the app.
  • The features or functionality you want to add in your E-learning app
  • The cost highly depends on the platform which is chosen for the development of an E-learning app it can be in Android, IOS or Both.

How much does it cost to develop an E-learning app?

As we have discussed the cost of an E-learning app is highly depends on some of the factors. We are at AppClues Infotech, which is a leading app development industry. We help you to develop an E-learning app by providing you with the best solution and Unique UI/UX design.

We can offer you to hire experienced and expert android as well as an IOS developer.

So here we are providing you with the approximate timeline and cost of developing an E-learning app:


  • App Design:- 7 Working Days
  • Android App Development:- 25 Working Days
  • iOS App Development:- 25 Working Days
  • Web Backend & Apis:- 30 Working Days
  • Testing, Bug fixing, and Deployment:- 5 Working Days

The approximate cost of developing an E-learning app is $30,000-$70,000.

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How much does it cost to build fantasy sports app like Dream 11?

With the craze of league sports growing day by day, the use of fantasy sports apps like Dream 11 is also increasing along with it. A fantasy sports app like Dream 11 gives sports enthusiasts a platform to apply their knowledge of sports and earn money through it.

Want to develop a fantasy sports app like Dream 11?

WebClues Infotech with its vast experience in Mobile App Development is the right agency to select for your fantasy sports app development requirements. WebClues Infotech has got an expert team of 200+ developers with their individual expertise in a different segment of the development process.

Further Information on Dream 11 like App Development can be found below

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Idrish Dhankot


How much does it cost to build fantasy sports app like Dream 11

The fantasy sports app has become the craze among millenials who are sports fan and want to apply there knowledge of particular sports in the game and earn money from it.

Want to know the cost to develop fantasy sports betting app like dream 11? Get complete guide on how to build fantasy sports app like dream 11 from WebClues Infotech

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Improve Your Cost Management with AWS Saving Plans

The adaptability and flexibility of today’s cloud services present a lot of opportunities to cut infrastructure costs. Amazon Web Services and its plethora of services let you set up any kind of cloud environment for any type of application, without forcing you to make long-term commitments. At the very least, you don’t have to make a big initial investment to set up your cloud environments.

AWS resources are designed to make deploying cloud-native applications easy and affordable. Affordability is always important for businesses because cost-efficient applications guarantee higher returns on cloud investment. The way AWS services are set up allows for easy scaling of apps and cloud resource usage, but keeping your cloud environment efficient is not without its challenges.

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How much does it cost to build an Android app?

We are living in an era of smart technology, which ultimately makes mobile app development one of the most lucrative ventures. For anyone willing to venture into the mobile app development industry needs to figure out the foremost thing – “what platform should I target first”?

Well, in the case of larger mobile app development companies, they have the freedom and privilege to pursue development simultaneously across multiple platforms. But for startups or mid-sized firms, they have to choose a particular platform to develop an app on.

To this, with around 86.8% share, Android OS is strongly dominating the mobile app development industry. And it is expected to surge even further in the coming years. Seeing the never-ending demand for android applications, businesses are turning their way towards Android app development. However, there is a bigger difference between having an idea and the finished application.

Almost everyone is using the Android app development service that is opening opportunities for many different app services such as shopping, news, sport, messaging, banking and whatnot. And why not? Android app development offers tremendous strategic and operational benefits, therefore irrespective of the business size, almost all businesses around the globe are looking forward to Android app development for growing their business while improving their revenue graph.

With it, various ways are showing how android can help startups reduce costs while showcasing businesses leveraging greater profits from it.

**Why Business Should Choose Android Apps Over Other **

  • Open-Source
  • Pool of Customers
  • Innovation Ahead
  • Easier Installation Process
  • Customized ROMs
  • Compatible With Other Devices Too
  • Easy Market Entry
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Budget-Friendly Cost and User-friendly Free Apps
  • Easy To Learn
  • Lower Development Cost
  • Faster Deployment
  • Versatile And Scalable
  • Popular Platform

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Developing An Android App
Is it $12,000 or $100,000 or even more for developing an application?
Well, to be honest, there is no concrete or particular figure that can represent the overall app development cost. Meanwhile getting a rough idea of how long does it take to develop an application can surely highlight the estimated cost of developing an application. Whereas there are several cost factors of Android app development, which may vary as per the need, features, functionalities of the app. Also, these factors vary from app to app.

So, without further ado, let us now check out those factors one by one-

Internal vs External Development Sources
No doubt, different teams have different skill sets. Even if you have a team of talented and skilled developers, designers, testers, there might come chances when you need the support of the external team for complex projects. Hence, in such a situation, the type of support will ultimately determine the Android app development cost.

For instance- you have a team that has designed the app but they also require some engineering support from outside, hence in such a scenario hiring the support from an outsourcing company becomes a priority. Therefore, the type of work you are planning to outsource will play a key role in deciding the pricing of an app.

Development Platform
There are two ways of developing an app- Native and Hybrid app development. The native apps are meant for a particular platform. For instance- apps built with android will work for the Android platform only and it will not work for iOS or Microsoft platforms. Though Native apps over Cross Platform apps are considered better the cost of it is higher than the latter one.

Those developers who are willing to make the app work on the various platforms can choose hybrid app development by using tools like PhoneGap, React Native. Being a cost-effective solution, the user experience with it is not that up to the mark with small setbacks.

Backend and APIs Development Cost
Backend is the powerhouse of the application and every app project requires elements of engineering work that will help the app to communicate with the backend.

The various variables like- API, middleware that is involved in the backend process plays a major role while deciding on Android app development costs. APIs are very crucial for every app and if they do not get complete to be scaled for future use, it may increase the cost of the app.

One of the mistakes which are often done by the app developers is designing both APIs and apps at the same time which directly effects the cost of creating an Android app.

Third-Party App Integrations
The apps carry a series of different features that come from different sources. And if the app requirement consists of UI, Social media analytics, location, etc, the price will increase automatically.

Authorization And Authentication Of Users
There are apps available that do not require one to log in using Google or Facebook account. Building such apps is still cost-effective but integrating the login feature in the app can give a great hike to the cost to build an Android app.

These types of apps are called enterprise application and required secure access along with integration into the company’s LDAP.

Moving on to the apps that need a payment gateway and having a gateway will ultimately increase the cost of overall app development. Also, one cannot deny integrating it to the app as a gateway requires special security so that its users won’t fall prey to hackers or any kind of fraud or malware.

Who doesn’t like animations? Well, to give the best in class experience along with letting users stick to the app, animations are the ultimate solution. But before adding too many animations, remember that it can affect the app development cost.

Also, the UI/UX of the app is important in determining the cost of the app and the cost of the app will automatically increase as per the face of the app.

Maintenance and Support
The role of the developer does not end with the completion of the app development. Even after the launch of the app, it is required to be maintained along with constant updates and frequent feeds that lead one to the cost of Android app maintenance.

Not just that, shooting bugs in the app can also be rectified with constant updates. Hence, maintenance and support for the apps play a crucial role in the overall Android app development cost.

Attended the cost factors of Android App development, let us quickly get a glance at the difference between Android and iOS app development costs to understand which one stands higher.

How is App Development Cost Estimated
The Formula
The answer to how much does it cost to build an Android app lies in calculating the number of hours it would take for every single one of the development process and multiplying it to the chargeable hours of resources.

The Difference In The Cost Of Developing Android And iOS App
Let’s focus on the Android app development cost breakdown and its comparison.

After checking out the factors, the questions arrive here is “which one is cheaper- iOS or Android”? Because both of them come up with their advantages, and disadvantages and figuring out the best one will be like an injustice to the other operating system. But we can break the cost and make a comparison accordingly. Let’s check out the cost graph.

Hourly Rates
The rates for developers varies from region to region and project to project. Till now the most expensive rates are in the UK and US, whereas the most economical, cost-effective, and best service solution still falls on the lap of India.

Meanwhile, the actual cost is hidden in the programming languages for developing apps. Besides, as android apps are written in Java and iOS apps are generally written in Swift and Objective-C, the cost of the latter one will be higher than the former one. Hence, in such a situation, Android is the most cost-effective clear winner.

Time Spent
App development is divided into phases, many mobile app development companies prefer agile methodology over the waterfall for developing their mobile application.

Meanwhile, most of the app development time is usually spent on-

  • Design- the designing time of both iOS and Android does not vary much.
  • Development– Java due to its voluminous language receives more lines of codes as compared to Swift and Objective-C. On the other side, it is still easy to find support documentation and community answer based on Java. With Java, the situation is quite balancing.
  • Testing- Because of the huge variety of devices and OS versions used by several Android users results in more time spent on testing. In addition to this, there is another thing that bothers the cost to build an Android app – Android emulators are slower than iOS simulators that make the testers spend more time on testing compared to iOS applications.

When it comes to the comparison between App Store and Google Play, the former one is filled with strict rules and regulations when it comes to uploading an application whereas Google Play lets one take a swift and easy entry. So, if you are planning to go ahead with the Android application, you will not be required to spend a good amount of time adjusting your app to touch the Google Play standards.

So, if you have decided to go ahead with Android app development. You need to know the value of developing an Android application. Without any more ado, let us check out-
How Much Does It Cost To Build An Android Application?

3 major factors decide the cost to build an Android app. Those major factors are-

  • Pricing model
  • Kind of application
  • Team members

Pricing Model
Now you must be aware of the fact that in most cases the cost to build an Android app depends upon the number of hours spent on building it. This is the scenario majorly used by many mobile app development companies whereas, on the other hand, there is a fixed price model.

Here, the client agrees on the final product from the initial stage and it is quite difficult to entertain any changes because of the development process that works differently. The process somehow is the opposite of the Time & Material payment model which is flexible that allows developers to make changes and improvements as per the requirement.

Both of the criteria carries a different cost of Android app development model. Meanwhile, the fixed price model often tends to be higher as development companies add various risk factors to it.
Dedicated Team Members
Another important factor that adds to the overall cost to build an Android app is the total number of members of the team who will be working on the project.

The overall app development process is divided into a list of experts and professionals like-

  • Project Manager
  • Senior Developer
  • Android Coder
  • Designer
  • QA Engineer
  • Technical Writer
    So these are the people who will create the foundation of your application along with transforming it into actuality. Also, depending upon the nature of the desired product, the number of people will vary.

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