Passing multiple variables to a single view Laravel

Passing multiple variables to a single view Laravel

In my controller:

In my controller:

public function index()
    $userTotal = User::all();
    $userActive = User::where('status', '=', 'Active');
    $userInactive = User::where('status', '=', 'Inactive');
    $userOnAndOff = User::where('status', '=', 'OnAndOff');

return view('member.home')


In my view:

<div class="card border-success">
    <div class="card-horizontal">
        <div class="card-body bg-success">
            <p class="card-text text-white bg-success text-md-center"><i class="fas fa-users fa-2x"></i></p>
        <div class="card-body text-success">
            <p class="card-text">Registered Member: <strong>{{ $userTotal->count() }}</strong></p>
            <p class="card-text">Active Members: <strong>{{ $userActive->count() }}</strong></p>
            <p class="card-text">Active Members: <strong>{{ $userActive->count() }}</strong></p>
            <p class="card-text">Inactive Members: <strong>{{ $userInactive->count() }}</strong></p>

I am trying to print out count values, is there any better way to code the controller?

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