Learn JavaScript - Full Course for Beginners. DO NOT MISS!!!

Learn JavaScript - Full Course for Beginners. DO NOT MISS!!!

In this video tutorial, we'll learn Learn JavaScript - Full Course for Beginners. This complete 134-part JavaScript tutorial for beginners will teach you everything you need to know to get started with the JavaScript programming language. DO NOT MISS!!!

This complete 134-part JavaScript tutorial for beginners will teach you everything you need to know to get started with the JavaScript programming language. ⭐️Course Contents⭐️ 0:00:00 Introduction 0:01:24 Running JavaScript 0:04:23 Comment Your Code 0:05:56 Declare Variables 0:06:15 Storing Values with the Assignment Operator 0:11:31 Initializing Variables with the Assignment Operator 0:11:58 Uninitialized Variables 0:12:40 Case Sensitivity in Variables 0:14:05 Add Two Numbers 0:14:34 Subtract One Number from Another 0:14:52 Multiply Two Numbers 0:15:12 Dividing Numbers 0:15:30 Increment 0:15:58 Decrement 0:16:22 Decimal Numbers 0:16:48 Multiply Two Decimals 0:17:18 Divide Decimals 0:17:33 Finding a Remainder 0:18:22 Augmented Addition 0:19:22 Augmented Subtraction 0:20:18 Augmented Multiplication 0:20:51 Augmented Division 0:21:19 Declare String Variables 0:22:01 Escaping Literal Quotes 0:23:44 Quoting Strings with Single Quotes 0:25:18 Escape Sequences 0:26:46 Plus Operator 0:27:49 Plus Equals Operator 0:29:01 Constructing Strings with Variables 0:30:14 Appending Variables to Strings 0:31:11 Length of a String 0:32:01 Bracket Notation 0:33:27 Understand String Immutability 0:34:23 Find the Nth Character 0:34:51 Find the Last Character 0:35:48 Find the Nth-to-Last Character 0:36:28 Word Blanks 0:40:44 Arrays 0:41:43 Nest Arrays 0:42:33 Access Array Data 0:43:34 Modify Array Data 0:44:48 Access Multi-Dimensional Arrays 0:46:30 push() 0:47:29 pop() 0:48:33 shift() 0:49:23 unshift() 0:50:36 Shopping List 0:51:41 Write Reusable with Functions 0:53:41 Arguments 0:55:43 Global Scope 0:59:31 Local Scope 1:00:46 Global vs Local Scope in Functions 1:02:40 Return a Value from a Function 1:03:55 Undefined Value returned 1:04:52 Assignment with a Returned Value 1:05:52 Stand in Line 1:08:41 Boolean Values 1:09:24 If Statements 1:11:51 Equality Operator 1:13:18 Strict Equality Operator 1:14:43 Comparing different values 1:15:38 Inequality Operator 1:16:20 Strict Inequality Operator 1:17:05 Greater Than Operator 1:17:39 Greater Than Or Equal To Operator 1:18:09 Less Than Operator 1:18:44 Less Than Or Equal To Operator 1:19:17 And Operator 1:20:41 Or Operator 1:21:37 Else Statements 1:22:27 Else If Statements 1:23:30 Logical Order in If Else Statements 1:24:45 Chaining If Else Statements 1:27:45 Golf Code 1:32:15 Switch Statements 1:35:46 Default Option in Switch Statements 1:37:23 Identical Options in Switch Statements 1:39:20 Replacing If Else Chains with Switch 1:41:11 Returning Boolean Values from Functions 1:42:20 Return Early Pattern for Functions 1:43:38 Counting Cards 1:49:11 Build Objects 1:50:46 Dot Notation 1:51:33 Bracket Notation 1:52:47 Variables 1:53:34 Updating Object Properties 1:54:30 Add New Properties to Object 1:55:19 Delete Properties from Object 1:55:54 Objects for Lookups 1:57:43 Testing Objects for Properties 1:59:15 Manipulating Complex Objects 2:01:00 Nested Objects 2:01:53 Nested Arrays 2:03:06 Record Collection 2:10:15 While Loops 2:11:35 For Loops 2:13:56 Odd Numbers With a For Loop 2:15:28 Count Backwards With a For Loop 2:17:08 Iterate Through an Array with a For Loop 2:19:43 Nesting For Loops 2:22:45 Do...While Loops 2:24:12 Profile Lookup 2:28:18 Random Fractions 2:28:54 Random Whole Numbers 2:30:21 Random Whole Numbers within a Range 2:31:46 parseInt Function 2:32:36 parseInt Function with a Radix 2:33:29 Ternary Operator 2:34:57 Multiple Ternary Operators 2:36:57 var vs let 2:39:02 var vs let scopes 2:41:32 const Keyword 2:43:40 Mutate an Array Declared with const 2:44:52 Prevent Object Mutation 2:47:17 Arrow Functions 2:28:24 Arrow Functions with Parameters 2:49:27 Higher Order Arrow Functions 2:53:04 Default Parameters 2:54:00 Rest Operator 2:55:31 Spread Operator 2:57:18 Destructuring Assignment: Objects 3:00:18 Destructuring Assignment: Nested Objects 3:01:55 Destructuring Assignment: Arrays 3:03:40 Destructuring Assignment with Rest Operator to Reassign Array 3:05:05 Destructuring Assignment to Pass an Object 3:06:39 Template Literals 3:10:43 Simple Fields 3:12:24 Declarative Functions 3:12:56 class Syntax 3:15:11 getters and setters 3:20:25 import vs require 3:22:33 export 3:23:40 * to Import 3:24:50 export default 3:25:26 Import a Default Export 📺 The video in this post was made by freeCodeCamp.org The origin of the article: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkZNo7MFNFg&list=PLWKjhJtqVAblfum5WiQblKPwIbqYXkDoC&index=4

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