Leveraging Soft Skills for Cloud Success

Leveraging Soft Skills for Cloud Success

Leveraging Soft Skills for Cloud Success. Creating cloud teams requires the right mix of soft skills. Leadership must change their mindset and model the soft skills they seek in their people.

Building teams with critical non-technical skills to amplify your cloud implementation.

Everywhere you look, there are educational resources to help people acquire cloud skills. The technical ones, that is. From online universities to the cloud providers themselves, almost anyone can easily acquire the latest cloud technical skills. DevOps, containers, security, JavaScript and Python, platform expertise—you name it, you can find it. What you won’t find much of is training in the soft skills that are arguably the most important aspect of designing, deploying, and managing a cloud ecosystem.

In large part, that’s because so much of the focus of any cloud implementation is on technology. But that narrow lens is where many cloud journeys take a wrong turn. Why? Because, often, technology is actually the “easy” part of cloud. It’s getting the right people, with the right mix of soft skills—and putting those skills to work effectively—that’s hard.

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