Recursion in JavaScript: 3 Minute Guide

Recursion in JavaScript: 3 Minute Guide

Recursion in JavaScript: 3 Minute Guide. This is a 3 Minute Guide! Takeaways. Be aware of recursion, it can create infinite loops. Recursion in JavaScript just calling a function inside a function but not just any function.

To understand recursion, you need to understand recursion.


Recursion is just calling a function inside a function but not just any function, calling the same function the other functions are being part of. It is like having a bag inside a bag and inside this bag; you get another bag.

Worst Example Ever

Having a bag inside a bag is okay. We all had or have this. Think back to your school days, having a pencil case (bag) inside your backpack. In terms of coding or coding languages, you are opening the box of Pandora with a simple example.

function bag(){

Infinite loop created with recursion

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