What are the best PHP Development companies in Toronto?

Mobile App Development Company India | Ecommerce Web Development Company India

Mobile App Development Company India | Ecommerce Web Development Company India

Best Mobile App Development Company India, WebClues Global is one of the leading web and mobile app development company. Our team offers complete IT solutions including Cross-Platform App Development, CMS & E-Commerce, and UI/UX Design.

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Which is the best PHP Web Development Company in India?

Which is the best PHP Web Development Company in India?

Many experienced players prefer to give it a go ahead with PHP for their web development needs because of the simplicity that PHP provides. PHP is loaded with features that many other languages lack and those pre-defined features can bring new functionalities and finishing touch to your existing or new website that you are looking forward to create. Wouldn’t it be great to get the best PHP Web Development Company for your project; we have a reputation as few of the leading firms in IT industry when it comes to PHP development.

Perks you should keep an eye out for before considering to outsource project to any web development company:

1. Company’s Reputation- It is very important to know about the previous projects that the company has delivered and the success rate of those products. You can visit company’s website for client testimonials or can google reviews given to them by genuine clients. We follow transparency, you can contact our previous clients and let them tell you how their experience was while working with us.

2. Technical Skill set and Expertise- You should select a company that has multiple resource pool of expert and technically sound developers. Our developers are experienced with different PHP frameworks and are exceptionally good with writing bug free codes. You can also hire PHP developer in India from us, as our developers have on hand experience in PHP development (core and frameworks)

3. The Budget- Costing has always played as one of the most important roles in every business deal. We provide competitive pricing with no hidden cost guaranteed. With us you can expect your project to be in best quality with no compromise to be made even with the best price in the market.

Why Data EximIT is the best PHP web development company in India?

Here are some of the features that might love about Data EximIT:

 Reputation of Data EximIT is wonderful among the previous clients.

 We have around 87% of retention ratio of clients.

 We were time committed, means every milestone was achieved before or on time.

 Data EximIT follows Agile development so it was the best possible methodology.

 We have huge team with different expertise over multiple PHP frameworks, so you are provided with ample to options to choose from.

 We are very active in communication part. Method or time of communication was never an issue at Data EximIT.

 We have some of the best designers to ensure that your project not only functions but also looks and feels fabulous.

 We provided customers with best costing without compromising on the quality at all.

 We also provide dedicated PHP developer or team of PHP developers on hire for your project.

Data EximIT is where customers feel confident to come up with idea and leave with fully functioning & best in quality projects. You can also avail our developers at your requested site location if you decide to hire PHP developers in India from us.

Feel free to contact our experts and let success reach you by working with the best PHP web development company.

10 PHP String Functions for every Web Developer

 10 PHP String Functions for every Web Developer

10 PHP String Functions for every Web Developer

Originally published at webdeasy.de on 8. May 2019

Every PHP developer should know functions like strlen()addslashes() and strpos(). In this Top 10 list you will find the most important ones of the approx. 100 string functions in PHP and learn how to use them correctly.

1. str_pad() – Fill in comma numbers

Let’s start right away with one of my favorite features. This function is interesting e.g. for IDs and strings, which must have a certain length, but don’t necessarily have it. Here is an example to understand it better:

$example = "706";

// Output: 70600000
echo str_pad($example, 8, "0");

// Output: 00000706
echo str_pad($example, 8, "0", STR_PAD_LEFT);

// Output: 00706000
echo str_pad($example, 8, "0", STR_PAD_BOTH);

// Output: 706-------
echo str_pad($example, 10, "-");

The function expects two parameters: The string to be changed and the expected string length. Optionally, the fill character can be specified as the third parameter. In addition, you can also specify on which side the string is to be filled. STR_PAD_RIGHT for right (default), STR_PAD_LEFT for left and STR_PAD_BOTH for both sides.

Complete documentation: here

2. explode() – Split string to array

If you often work with arrays and JSON data you won’t be able to avoid this function either. It can split your string into an array based on a specific character or whole string. This can be useful, for example, for URL parameters or file names:

$example = "jquery.min.js";

// split string at the . char
$splitted_string = explode(".", $example);

// Output: Array ( [0] => jquery [1] => min [2] => js )

// Output: File Extension: js
echo "File Extension: " . $splitted_string[2];

Optionally, a limit can be specified as the third parameter. This ensures, for example, that only two elements are present in the array when more is not needed.

Complete documentation: here

3. implode() – Merging arrays into strings

This function is the opposite of explode(). The function can reassemble an array with a certain separator to a string. You will use this function quite often in web development, because it is used for lists, numbers or SQL queries, for example:

$example = array("Tony Stark", "Peter Parker", "Bruce Wayne");

// Joins the array with a , char
$imploded_string = implode(", ", $example);

// Output: Top heros: Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Bruce Wayne
echo "Top heros: " . $imploded_string;

Of course you can also program this function yourself within a few minutes. But you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel.

Complete documentation: here

4. strlen() – Find out string length

Not to think away. This function is so versatile, e.g. it can be used to validate user entries or before entering them into the database in order not to exceed a certain string length. The function returns the length of a string. Spaces are also counted. Characters are counted. Here is an illustrative example:

// Output: 12
echo strlen("Hello World!");

// Output: 0
echo strlen("");

// Output: 1
echo strlen(" ");

// Output: 8
echo strlen("WebDEasy");

Complete documentation: here

5. strpos() – Examine for chars/sequences

This function checks whether a character or an entire character string occurs in a string. This function is often used, for example, to evaluate user input. Here are a few good examples:

// Output: 2
echo strpos("Hello World", "l");

// Output:
echo strpos("Hello World", "H");

// Output: 6
echo strpos("Hello World", "World");

// Check if the string contains 'World'
if(strpos("Hello World", "World")) { }

// Output:
echo strpos("Hello World", "Hello", 2);

In the last example, a third parameter is given. This parameter specifies an offset. This means that the function only checks whether the characters occur in the string from the second character onwards. A negative value in this parameter sets the offset of the string from behind.

Complete documentation: here

Pooh! This means we already have half of the top 10 PHP string functions. Second half:

6. addslashes() – Escape Strings

This function is extremely important from a safety point of view. Ever heard of SQL Injections? Good, because this function can have a part in preventing these attacks. Special characters, here (‘, “, , NUL) are masked here. This means that a backslash () is prefixed so that these characters do not enter the system unfiltered:

// Output: What's your name?
echo addslashes("What's your name?");

// Output: This is "Me"!
echo addslashes('This is "Me"!');

// Prevent SQL-Injection
// Output WITHOUT addslashes: INSERT INTO testuser (id, name) VALUES (1, ''; SELECT * FROM testuser;');
// Output WITH addslashes: INSERT INTO testuser (id, name) VALUES (1, ''; SELECT * FROM testuser;');
$name = "'; SELECT * FROM testuser;";
echo "INSERT INTO testuser (id, name) VALUES (1, '" . addslashes($name) . "');";

The difference in the SQL example is small, but can have devastating consequences!

Stripslashes() is the reverse function, the documentation can be found here.

Complete documentation: here

7. substr() – Create text excerpt

This function is known to all programmers because it exists in almost every programming language. This function returns an excerpt from the string:

// Output: Easy
echo substr("WebDEasy", 4);

// Output: DE
echo substr("WebDEasy", 3, 2);

You can specify the beginning of the extract and of course the length. I don’t think you have to say more about that. 

Complete documentation: here

8. str_replace() – Replace characters

This function can replace a certain occurrence of characters with other characters. This is useful for decimal numbers, for example, where you must distinguish between the German format (with commas) and the English format (with periods). Here is an example:

// Output: 20,000
echo str_replace(".", ",", "20.000");

// Output: 20.000
echo str_replace(",", ".", "20,000");

// Output: Ths s n str_rplc xmpl n php!
echo str_replace(array("a", "e", "i", "o", "u"), "", "This is an str_replace example in php!");

Arrays can also be passed as replacement parameters. This saves some function calls.

Complete documentation: here

9. print_r() – Function for everything

My absolute favorite function. Ok, admittedly not only meant for strings, but I would like to show them anyway. Beside the simple output of “normal” strings you can also output arrays. You can also write strings or arrays into the logs without losing the formatting. The second parameter must be set to true:

// Output: Hello World!
print_r("Hello World!");

// Output in log files: Hello World
error_log(print_r("Hello World", true));

// Output: Array ( [0] => This [1] => is [2] => an [3] => array )
print_r(array("This", "is", "an", "array"));

Complete documentation: here

10. strip_tags() – Remove HTML Tags

This function can output HTML code without tags. Sort of like the str_replace()function, except that you don’t have to pass each HTML tag individually. This is how it looks like:

// Output: Hello World!
echo strip_tags("<h1>Hello World!</h1>");

// Output: Hello World!
echo strip_tags("<div class="testclass"><p>Hello <b>World!</b></p></div>");

Complete documentation: here

The most important PHP string functions are now known to you. Which string functions are most important for your everyday life?

Here you can find a complete list of PHP string functions. I’m sure you can now do something with our other PHP posts as well:

Originally published at webdeasy.de on 8. May 2019


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