How to Deploy a Ruby Serverless Function to Vercel

How to Deploy a Ruby Serverless Function to Vercel

Learn how to deploy a Ruby Serverless Function to Vercel. According to Vercel's documentation for Ruby, if a Ruby file has a singular HTTP handler within the api directory, Vercel will serve it as a serverless function.

I came to know about  Vercel while researching serverless functions. As you have already guessed, it supports  serverless functions along with static sites. You can deploy your project from GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket, and Vercel will deploy that to production for every push.

Serverless functions are fun to use because, as a developer, you don’t have to worry about the infrastructure, such as provisioning, scaling, and maintaining the server. All you have to care about is the code itself! A platform like Vercel gives the power to the developers to write code for serverless functions by doing all the hard work. Currently, Vercel supports Node.js, Go, Python, and Ruby. From this post, you’ll learn how to deploy Ruby serverless functions.


For our setup, I’m going to use  GitHub and Vercel. First, we will create a git repository, and later we will connect it with Vercel.

For this post, I’ve created a demo repository vercel-ruby for demonstration purposes. Once you have downloaded the code to your local machine, you can see a ruby file index.rb inside api folder. According to Vercel’s documentation for Ruby, if a Ruby file has a singular HTTP handler within the api directory, Vercel will serve it as a serverless function.

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