3-Step Formula to Earn Money While Playing Ludo

3-Step Formula to Earn Money While Playing Ludo

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Whenever we talk about Ludo, we always have the same excitement. During this lockdown, ludo was one of the top game which was played the most all over the world. By observing the growth of the ludo game, many ludo game development companies have provided the feature through which people can earn money by winning the game. The reason to add this feature was to engage the users and make their time worth by earning some real cash in the pandemic period.

In this article, we are going to discuss the 3-step formula to earn real cash while playing ludo. Read the article till the end, so that you can know the best formula to earn money.

1. Sign-up and download

The basic and first step towards earning the money from ludo is to download the app on your android and ios phone. You can download the app from the play store or app store as per your device. After downloading the app, sign up with your social media account like Facebook. During the signup process, you are required to add personal details like name, gender, mail address, and so on. You can also apply the referral code if you have any.

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2. Select the type of match

There are several types of matches that are available in the online ludo game. It includes quick money more with one token, play with money mode with four tokens, private as well as practice tokens. Let’s discuss each money mode in detail. In quick money mode, the user is required to deposit Rs 10 to Rs. 3000 and is allowed to play on 1 to 1 only. In this mode, the user gets the opportunity to earn money with real-time players. In the play with money mode with four tokens matches, it allows the user to play with four players or 1 to 1.

In the case of a four-player, the rewards are provided to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winners players. This implies that while playing with money mode with four tokens, there are higher chances of getting rewards to the users. As per the users of private rooms, they are allowed to play with their family and friends. In this feature, the player is allowed select to play with either two or four friends with different fees and rewards. After discussing all modes, we are left with practice matches. In this mode, it helps users to improve their skills. This mode doesn’t include any investment of money or reward after winning the game. So if you want to do practice and earn money, you should opt for practice mode.

3. Money Withdrawl

After winning the game, the user can withdraw the money in their bank account. The withdrawal amount is limited as it is dependent on the platform on which the user is playing the game. The minimum amount that can be withdrawn is Rs 50 and the maximum is Rs 9999.

Summing Up Therefore, so far we have discussed the 3 step formula to earn real cash while playing ludo. There are many ludo game development companies who has build their own ludo game for their users and provided the secure payment gateway option.

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