What Is The Hiring Process For Data Scientists At HDFC Bank

What Is The Hiring Process For Data Scientists At HDFC Bank

The traditional route is through an HR partner where they do the first level of screening. HDFC bank is also experimenting with hackathons for hiring data scientists. Apart from this, the team also reaches out within its professional network for sourcing talent.

Data science function in banks has a crucial role to play in various use cases such as fraud detection, managing customer data, risk modelling, personalised marketing, among others. HDFC bank is no exception and is exploring the new tech in a lot of its applications and functions. With two teams where data science is at the core of their work — marketing analytics and risk analytics — the bank mostly has a centralised data science team. For this week’s feature, we got in touch with Kausik Ghate, Sr. Vice President and Head, Marketing Analytics at HDFC bank to understand the hiring process of data scientists in its team. 

Skill Sets For Data Scientists At HDFC Bank

Kaushik shared that they look for a whole lot of qualities while recruiting data scientists. Firstly, the incumbent should have a quantitative educational background in fields such as statistics, economics, mathematics, engineering, etc. “Having said that we also have management students, graduates, econometricians in the team. While the educational background is important, it will not restrict a deserving candidate to get a place on the team,” shared Kaushik. 

He further added that there are things that can be taught and things that can’t be taught. The latter ones play an important role in recruitment decisions.

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