Future Of Artificial Intelligence For 2020

Future Of Artificial Intelligence For 2020

Artificial Technology is the next generation of technology. Now users are developing robust and faster applications for better tomorrow by using this applications. AI was a kind of prediction for decades but was only associated with robots only in the initial period. In this post, you will know the future of artificial intelligence for 2020. Read More.

Learn Artificial Intelligence for Beginners | Simpliv

Learn Artificial Intelligence for Beginners | Simpliv

Learn the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and its basic concepts. Explore the world of AI.

Do you want to learn Artificial Intelligence? Do you want to know what does AI actually mean?

Well, you are at the right place.

In this course we will give you the knowledge of the fundamentals concepts of the field of Artificial Intelligence. This course is designed specifically for beginners where we will take you step by step through our intuitive curriculum. Please have a look through the concepts and work your way through the quizzes.

If anyone already has the knowledge of the fundamentals, please check through the curriculum to see if you need this course, after all our time is precious. We do not want you to repeat anything. We would highly encourage you to look at the contents menu first and see if you really need to take this course.

Who this course is for:

Anyone who is a beginner at AI
Anyone who wants to learn about Artificial Intelligence
Anyone who wants to start a business with Artificial Intelligence
Anyone who wants to know about the AI industry
Students, Scientist, Engineers
Basic knowledge
Be ready and open to learn
Simple Mathematics and Science Knowledge
What will you learn
Definition of Artificial Intelligence
Application of Artificial Intelligence
History of Artificial Intelligence
Definition of Machine Learning
Types of Machine Learning
Industry Situation and Opportunities
What are Expert Systems?
What is Computer Vision?
What is Fuzzy Logic System?

artificial intelligence services

artificial intelligence services

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Artificial Intelligence Tutorial

Artificial Intelligence Tutorial

Artificial Intelligence is the future of the world. It is expanding rapidly in every sector of industries. There is a bright future in Artificial Intelligence and this Artificial Intelligence Tutorial will help you to get a sparkling start for your Artificial Intelligence journey.

This Artificial Intelligence tutorial gives you an introduction to AI right from the basics. We shall be covering Machine Learning, Deep Learning and various application areas of AI, Python, various packages available in it, Tensorflow, Keras, Neural networks, Multilayer perceptron, Convolution neural networks, Recurrent neural networks, Long short term memory and OpenCV.

Artificial Intelligence Course:


AI Tutorial Video:

What are the Goals of AI?

To create machines which can do better performance than the previous version.

To add new features which human possess.

But what is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is all around us. Artificial Intelligence creates a higher degree of efficiency and productivity by automating the repetitive task and creating immersive and responsive experience and understanding human sentiments and even emotions.

This Artificial Intelligence tutorial will help you master AI by taking you through a step-by-step approach while learning AI and Machine learning concepts.

Prepare Yourself for the Interview with these Interview Questions:


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