Performing a Code Review

Performing a Code Review

Earlier today a user with the handle /aliezsid made a post on Reddit asking for a code review. I needed something to do for my cofee break…

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Earlier today a user with the handle /aliezsid made a post on Reddit asking for a code review. I needed something to do for my cofee break, so I thought why not.

Aliezsid is asking for a code review for his new project  commitlog. I visited his GitHub to see what the project was about, seems its a tool to generate change logs based on commit history for a repository on GitHub. I really like his idea, so I decided to do a small review.

You can read about his projects  here.


The first thing I do when performing code reviews are always checking out the documentation. I need to gather a understanding of the library and what the idea behind it is.

The specifies that this library is under *heavy development, *and it states that there is no tests so to be considered unstable. The second thing I usually do during a code review is checkout the tests to see usage examples. Tests are not only a great thing to have to make sure things don’t break, but I find them to be useful when understanding a libraries usage as well.

But as Aliezsid himself has written, he knows there are no tests at the moment, so leave that be.

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