Get data based on year and month

Get data based on year and month

I have a table with some data : month_number (int), year(int).

I have a table with some data : month_number (int), year(int).

I want to get data based on 2 years and 2 months

  tt.year AS raw_annee,
  tt.month AS raw_mois,
  tt.product AS raw_produit,
  tt.quantity_product AS tonnes_prod,
  tt.quantity_n AS raw_tonnes_N,
  tt.quantity_p AS raw_tonnes_P,
  tt.quantity_k AS raw_tonnes_K
FROM test_test as tt    
  WHERE (tt.year >= 2014 AND tt.month_number >= 5)
  AND (tt.year <= 2018 AND tt.month_number <= 5)
  ORDER BY tt.year desc, tt.month_number desc;

But I get only data for month 'may' from 2014 to 2018, but the idea is to get data from may 2014 ---> may 2018

Can you help me please ?

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