Edna  Bernhard

Edna Bernhard


AI: Voice and Vision

AI is in everything these days. It’s in your phone, your car and maybe even your doorbell. So we organised a meetup to provide a better understanding of AI and its potential.

During our meetup AI Infusion (January 2020), four speakers lined up to introduce AI & machine learning (ML) and show how Voice AI and Vision AI work and can be used in apps today. Here are there talks:

A tour past AI and ML, by Ruurd Moelker

When we start creating AI infused user experiences it’s good to have a basic understanding of AI first. Movies like “Her” suggest a general AI showing (super) human like behaviour. In reality the AI we know today is Narrow AI. At it’s core are trained models giving a prediction or decision based on the input you provide. You provide a photo and the model tells you if it “thinks” it’s a cat or a dog. In his talk Ruurd (dreamonward.com) shows how these models are trained using linear and logarithmic regression, what makes up a neural network and what they can do:


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AI: Voice and Vision
George  Koelpin

George Koelpin


Voice AI Redefines The Future Of Patient Interactions

In the past decade, the fundamental structure of healthcare management has changed radically. The industry has become more consumer-driven with a focus on providing personalised patient care. On the other hand, the pressure on healthcare delivery due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic is exploding. The exacerbating impact of the crises has resulted in a new set of challenges for the industry. However, the healthcare infrastructure is strengthening steadily with digital innovations that will have an indescribable impact on patient outcomes.

With automated processes, Artificial Intelligence is paving the way for technologically advanced healthcare space. Many healthcare practitioners are embracing the potential of AI in delivering more responsive and personalised care to their patients. It disrupts the conventional approach of delivering medical treatments to simplify the lives of doctors, patients, and hospitals.

One of the biggest trends is image recognition-based diagnostics that ensures accuracy and accessibility in identifying the disease, and plan the medical treatment while creating cost and time efficiency. Furthermore, by integrating deep learning, AI also helps in detecting cancer more accurately. The implementation of AI is beyond diagnostics which transforms the delivery approach through smart EMR based clinical support to manage medical records to creating digital prescriptions through Voice AI.

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Otho  Hagenes

Otho Hagenes


Making Sales More Efficient: Lead Qualification Using AI

If you were to ask any organization today, you would learn that they are all becoming reliant on Artificial Intelligence Solutions and using AI to digitally transform in order to bring their organizations into the new age. AI is no longer a new concept, instead, with the technological advancements that are being made in the realm of AI, it has become a much-needed business facet.

AI has become easier to use and implement than ever before, and every business is applying AI solutions to their processes. Organizations have begun to base their digital transformation strategies around AI and the way in which they conduct their business. One of these business processes that AI has helped transform is lead qualifications.

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Murray  Beatty

Murray Beatty


This Week in AI | Rubik's Code

Every week we bring to you the best AI research papers, articles and videos that we have found interesting, cool or simply weird that week.

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This Week in AI - Issue #22 | Rubik's Code

Every week we bring to you the best AI research papers, articles and videos that we have found interesting, cool or simply weird that week.Have fun!

Research Papers


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George  Koelpin

George Koelpin


Amsterdam And Helsinki Launch Open AI Registers

Amsterdam and Helsinki both launched an Open AI Register at the Next Generation Internet Summit. According to sources, these two cities are the first in the world that are aiming to be open and transparent about the use of algorithms and AI in the cities.

Currently, in the beta version, Algorithm Register is an overview of the artificial intelligence systems and algorithms used by the City of Amsterdam. The register is an effort to show where the cities are currently making use of AI and how the algorithms work.

Jan Vapaavuori, Mayor of Helsinki stated, “Helsinki aims to be the city in the world that best capitalises on digitalisation. Digitalisation is strongly associated with the utilisation of artificial intelligence. With the help of artificial intelligence, we can give people in the city better services available anywhere and at any time. In the front rank with the City of Amsterdam, we are proud to tell everyone openly what we use Artificial Intelligence for.”

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