Top 10 Data Science Use Cases in Analytics

Top 10 Data Science Use Cases in Analytics

Learn about various Data Science use cases in Analytics like Image Recognition, Fraud and risk detection, Predictive systems, Product delivery

Data science refers to the leveraging of existing data sources as well as the creation of new data from which you derive useful information and actionable insight. Data science and data analysis vary because they use different approaches, focus on different elements, and use different tools.

A use case, in this case, refers to how a data scientist will use data science to accomplish their goal. Use cases contain three main elements: an actor, a system, and a goal. Analytics is the computational examination of statistics or data systematically. Here are some of the top data science use cases in analytics.

1. Internet Searches

The goal of all search engines, not just Google, is to deliver to you the best results that fit your needs in the shortest time possible. Data science algorithms will analyze your previous search and internet use behavior to predict what you are looking for. It will leverage information such as your most visited websites, demographics, location, previous searches, and much more. That is why your search results may not match your friend’s results, even if you are searching for the same thing.

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How to find the right data science use cases for your business

Laundry lists of DS use cases are not so helpful in real life. Here is how you can find out the right ones to leverage DS in your business.If you google “data science use cases”, you will find hundreds of lists of them, each item starting with a buzz word such as fraud detection, recommendation system or other fancier terms.

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