Top TensorFlow-Based Projects That ML Beginners Should Try

On November 13, 2015, Google had open-sourced TensorFlow, an end-to-end machine learning platform. Apart from marking five years of being one of the most popular machine learning frameworks, last week was even more significant as TensorFlow crossed the 160 million downloads.

This article lists some interesting TensorFlow projects, in no particular order, which enthusiasts can try their hands on.

Handwritten Text Recognition

This Handwritten Text Recognition can be implemented using TensorFlow. In this project, the system is trained on the IAM off-line dataset. This model can recognise the text in the images of segmented words. A neural network model, detailed on GitHub, was found to demonstrate recognition with a character error rate of about 10%. From the validation-set, the model is found to correctly recognise 75% of the words.

The project is open-sourced here.

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Top TensorFlow-Based Projects That ML Beginners Should Try