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Introduction to Linux for Cybersecurity Crash Course 2020

If you are looking to introduce yourself to the Linux basics geared towards a cybersecurity perspective, you can use this brief crash course to learn. Read below for a further explanation behind why you should learn Linux if you are considering cybersecurity… 👇

Learning how to effectively navigate and interact with Linux can be an important part to your learning journey in cybersecurity. In this crash course, we walk through the very basics including how to configure your own Linux environment, navigate the command line, and apply our basic knowledge to a security use.

You may be wondering… Why learn what we are learning? Why are we learning about how to change and create new directories, create new files, and file permissions…?

Part of the learning process before transitioning into the specific use cases for cybersecurity is learning the very basics. Once you get the basics down, you can start to apply your knowledge and run specific programs for security. This is why we start out with the very basics.

Download the Notes:

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Introduction to Linux for Cybersecurity Crash Course 2020