Static Code Analysis: What It Is? How to Use It?

Static code analysis is a method of debugging by examining source code before a program is run. It's done by analyzing a set of code against a set (or multiple sets) of coding rules. Static code analysis and static analysis are often used interchangeably, along with source code analysis.

How to Create Custom Snippets for Any Language in VS Code

Visual Studio Code and Emmet let you make snippets that write large blocks of code with tiny shortcuts. ❤ Subscribe: In this tutor...

A Step-by-Step Introduction to CSS Preprocessors with VS Code

It is fun to build cool and good looking pages when you know CSS like the back of your hand. But when you have a few hundred lines of code, this is exactly when things begin to get complicated and messy. This is where CSS preprocessors come to play, helping you to manage and improve the maintainability of your code.

Why VS Code is so popular?

Demystifying the reasons behind Visual Studio Code immense popularity. #VSCode #JavaScript #JS #TypeScript #TS #Software #WebDevelopment #WebDev

New Features to Try Out on Vs Code

VsCode Workspace, Hex Editor, Search, Timeline. VS Code now supports changing the case of regex matching groups while doing a find/replace in the editor.