Web Scraping For Good

Web Scraping For Good

Web Scraping For Good: Web Scraping or Data Scraping is the process of retrieving the information from the web page and saving it into the readable document

When I heard Web Scraping for the first time, my mind straight away pictured vegetable scraper !!! and as a Data Analyst wondered what it would have been like for scrapers on web pages and thus brought to jot down my learned experience here.

Prerequisites :

Basic understanding in Python & HTML Tags

What is Web Scraping?

Web Scraping or Data Scraping is the process of retrieving the information from the web page and saving it into the readable document. The simplest methodologies, where we copy-paste from the Internet to our local system is also scrapping. Perhaps, Web scraping refers to gathering unstructured, scattered data from the internet to a single place in a structured and human-readable format data.

Why Web Scraping is the best method for understanding product marketing?

In the world of marketing, it is always necessary to analyze web data to glean insights to set your marketing strategies. The extraction of information from web pages by humans in bulk is not only impossible but also makes the data vulnerable by human errors. Hence to overcome this, Web scraping came into light.

Let’s SCRAPE The SITE !… But how?

It is much easier to put one foot in front of the other-rather than gazing with dread at the entire trekking trail. So let me break down web scrapping task into steps for more approachable:

In this article, I have started with Newegg Inc, an American online retailer to fetch product name, brand, and shipping cost of the Graphics card.

On the home page, we can see the display of the graphic cards.

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