How to Track User Activity of Sign in and out

How to Track User Activity of Sign in and out

How to Track User Activity of Sign in and out. In this tutorial, I am going to walk you through how to track these data in Django.

Have you thought about how much users like your website? How often do they log in? What’s the favorite time window they use your website? These million-dollar questions are big deals to business. The activity of sign in/out seems to be the most reliable data to answer them. In this tutorial, I am going to walk you through how to track these data in Django.

After comparing and trying a few different approaches for years, here comes to my best solution, that is Django signal which is a common design pattern: Observer Pattern. After architecting many Django projects, I noticed that signal is a quite handy tool to help decouples app dependencies and make codebase easy to maintain. Don’t get me wrong. Signal is a double-edge sword. We need to wisely plan before we act. And this is a perfect case.


Log activity of sign in/out by using Django signal. In this tutorial, I am going to print activities in console.


1. Python 3.6

2. Django 2.2.14

python design-patterns django web-development

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