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This is Grammar For Robots. What? Why?

This is Grammar For Robots. What? Why?


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This is Grammar For Robots. What? Why?

Consider This: Theomorphic Robots; Not Losing Our Religion?

As icons and rituals adapt to newer technologies, the rise of robotics and AI can change the way we practice and experience spirituality.

**Some 100,000 years ago, fifteen people, eight of them children, were buried on the flank of [Mount Precipice], just outside the southern edge of [Nazareth] in todays Israel. **One of the boys still held the antlers of a large red deer clasped to his chest, while a teenager lay next to a necklace of seashells painted with ochre and brought from the Mediterranean Sea shore 35 km away. The bodies of Qafzeh are some of the earliest evidence we have of grave offerings, possibly associated with religious practice.

Although some type of _belief _has likely accompanied us from the beginning, its not until 50,00013,000 BCE that we see clear religious ideas take shape in paintings, offerings, and objects.** This is a period filled with Venus figurines, statuettes made of stone, bone, ivory and clay, portraying women with small heads, wide hips, and exaggerated breasts.** It is also the home of the beautiful** lion man**, carved out of mammoth ivory with a flint stone knife and the oldest-known zoomorphic (animal-shaped) sculpture in the world.

Weve unearthed such representations of primordial gods, likely our first religious icons, all across Europe and as far as Siberia, and although well never be able to ask their creators why they made them, we somehow still feel a connection with the stories they were trying to tell.

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Teresa  Jerde

Teresa Jerde


Artificial Intelligence and Robotics: Whos At Fault When Robots Kill?

Up to now, any robots brushing with the law were always running strictly according to their code. Fatal accidents and serious injuries usually only happened through human misadventure or improper use of safety systems and barriers. Weve yet to truly test how our laws will cope with the arrival of more sophisticated automation technology but that day isnt very far away.

AI already infiltrates our lives on so many levels in a multitude of practical, unseen ways. While the machine revolution is fascinating and will cause harm to humans here and there embodied artificial intelligence systems perhaps pose the most significant challenges for lawmakers.

Robots that run according to unchanging code are one thing and have caused many deaths and accidents over the years not just in the factory but the operating theatre too. Machines that learn as they go are a different prospect entirely and coming up with laws for dealing with that is likely to be a gradual affair.

Emergent robot behavior and the blame game

Emergent behavior is going to make robots infinitely more effective and useful than theyve ever been before. The potential danger with emergent behavior is that its unpredictable. In the past, robots got programmed for set tasks and that was that. Staying behind the safety barrier and following established protocols kept operators safe.

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Madilyn Kihn


4 of The Most Unique Robots

4 of the Most Unique Robots
Everybody hold on. Our world will soon be flooded with robots of every shape, style, or function. No sector in our society will be excluded from the imminent onslaught of robotics and artificial intelligence.
When you consider how artificial intelligence today can write its own code to update itself, there is no limit to what robots can achieve.

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Archie Powell


How to Invest in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Learn more about the Market Conditions and Invest in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

We frequently put robotics and artificial intelligence together, but they are two separate fields. The robotics and artificial intelligence industries are some of the largest markets in the tech space today. Almost every industry in the world is adopting these technologies to boost growth and increase customer engagement.

**Best Robotics Stocks to Invest in- **
  • Oceaneering International. Inc: Oceaneering, is engineering and applied technology service provider to different industries like oil and gas, aerospace, marine, defense, entertainment, logistics, science, and renewable energy sources. The company aims to provide unmatched services to its customers to develop, regardless of the market conditions.
  • Brooks Automation, Inc: Brooks Automation, is a provider of automation, vacuum, and instrumentation solutions for semiconductor manufacturing, life sciences, and other industries. Recently, the company announced that it will split into two independent companies, one of which will focus completely on the life sciences industry and the other will focus on the high innovation automation technology.
  • **FLIR Systems: **FLIR manufactures, develops, distributes, and markets technologies, that enhance perception and awareness. The company provides advanced systems and components, that are used for thermal imaging, situational awareness, and security applications, including navigation, recreation, research, and development.
The Market Overview of Artificial Intelligence-

According to the reports, the global AI market is expected to grow from US$58.3 billion in 2021 to US$309.6 billion by 2026. Among the many factors that will drive the growth in the artificial intelligence market, the Covid-19 pandemic is the chief reason.

Best AI Stocks to Invest in-
  • Tata Elxsi: Over the past decade, Tata Elxsi, has been facilitating tech-based advancements. Starting from self-driving cars to video analytics solutions, the company provides groundbreaking technologies powered by artificial intelligence and analytics.
  • **Bosch: **The Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence (BCAI), works towards producing innovative AI technologies and implementing them in their own products to have a real-world impact.
  • **Happiest Minds: **Happiest Minds, is helping organizations to provide enhanced customer services, combined with augmented intelligence and natural language processing, image analytics, video analytics, and other services. The company aims to create next-generation smart systems that can think, learn and create with an intelligence equivalent to humans.

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Tyshawn  Braun

Tyshawn Braun


Introduction to Robotic Control Systems

Robotics is an interdisciplinary area of study between engineering and computer science. The key aim of robotics is to produce, computer programmable machines, that can do tasks with more speed and precision. The application of robotics is countless in the current era, for example transporting heavy things (in logistic management), automated manufacturing, self-driving cars, and unmanned aerial vehicles, and many more.

It is necessary for every beginner to understand the concept of Control Systems to get started with robotics. Control systems help to control the movements and functions of the robot. To understand the control system first we need to understand some terminologies used in robotics.

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