Serverless Node.js That You Can Run anywhere

Serverless Node.js That You Can Run anywhere

Serverless Node.js that you can run anywhere. OpenFaaS - Serverless Functions Made Simple. Serverless doesn’t have to mean using a function. We can write a function for Node.js using OpenFaaS’ node12 template.

Serverless doesn’t have to mean using a function, bring your favourite micro HTTP framework with you.


It’s hard to beat the convenience of a managed serverless product: plug in your code, and forget about servers and only get billed for what you use. Until recently using a cloud functions service meant packaging code in a  zip file, and being subjected to a workflow that made testing locally very difficult.

This week we saw  AWS announce some changes to their AWS Lambda product. Functions can now be uploaded using container images to an AWS Elastic Container Registry using docker push. This is a huge step forward for the community and means that Lambda functions could potentially be packaged and built in a similar way to other workloads. Before we get too excited, there are a few caveats to consider including the 15 minute execution limit and  an emulation shim are required to make your code compatible.

In 2018 Google released their  Cloud Run product, and made a very different choice to what we’d seen before. They decided to run container images and to make the interface as generic and portable as possible. To run a container on Cloud Run, it simply needs to serve HTTP traffic on port 8080. By some happy co-incidence, that was also how we designed OpenFaaS to work back in 2016 (to accept HTTP requests on a given port).

In this post we’ll explore what a Serverless node.js function looks like and how that compares to using something like Express.js or Next.js. At the end I’ll also link you to similar posts I’ve written for Golang HTTP servers, C## with ASP.NET and Python with Flask. I’ll also explain some of the benefits of using OpenFaaS over doing everything yourself, manually.

serverless node.js

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