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Top 5 IoT Solutions That Companies Are Currently Seeking

In this ever-changing world, businesses and companies must level themselves with the perpetual modernization to stay abreast with the continuously changing needs of their customers. Various billion-dollar enterprises and multinational corporations hence invest a huge chunk of their budget into their R&D department to stumble upon new technologies that they can use to remain ahead in this cutting-throat competition.
The technology of IoT is a blessing for industries that were looking for a breakthrough solution to break past the traditional systems. By using IoT, industries now gain benefits that were not possible before. Hence, enterprises must use the features of IoT to achieve new heights of success and gain a competitive advantage in this neck to neck competition.

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Top 5 IoT Solutions That Companies Are Currently Seeking
Wilford  Pagac

Wilford Pagac


Best Custom Web & Mobile App Development Company

Everything around us has become smart, like smart infrastructures, smart cities, autonomous vehicles, to name a few. The innovation of smart devices makes it possible to achieve these heights in science and technology. But, data is vulnerable, there is a risk of attack by cybercriminals. To get started, let’s know about IoT devices.

What are IoT devices?

The Internet Of Things(IoT) is a system that interrelates computer devices like sensors, software, and actuators, digital machines, etc. They are linked together with particular objects that work through the internet and transfer data over devices without humans interference.

Famous examples are Amazon Alexa, Apple SIRI, Interconnected baby monitors, video doorbells, and smart thermostats.

How could your IoT devices be vulnerable?

When technologies grow and evolve, risks are also on the high stakes. Ransomware attacks are on the continuous increase; securing data has become the top priority.

When you think your smart home won’t fudge a thing against cybercriminals, you should also know that they are vulnerable. When cybercriminals access our smart voice speakers like Amazon Alexa or Apple Siri, it becomes easy for them to steal your data.

Cybersecurity report 2020 says popular hacking forums expose 770 million email addresses and 21 million unique passwords, 620 million accounts have been compromised from 16 hacked websites.

The attacks are likely to increase every year. To help you secure your data of IoT devices, here are some best tips you can implement.

Tips to secure your IoT devices

1. Change Default Router Name

Your router has the default name of make and model. When we stick with the manufacturer name, attackers can quickly identify our make and model. So give the router name different from your addresses, without giving away personal information.

2. Know your connected network and connected devices

If your devices are connected to the internet, these connections are vulnerable to cyber attacks when your devices don’t have the proper security. Almost every web interface is equipped with multiple devices, so it’s hard to track the device. But, it’s crucial to stay aware of them.

3. Change default usernames and passwords

When we use the default usernames and passwords, it is attackable. Because the cybercriminals possibly know the default passwords come with IoT devices. So use strong passwords to access our IoT devices.

4. Manage strong, Unique passwords for your IoT devices and accounts

Use strong or unique passwords that are easily assumed, such as ‘123456’ or ‘password1234’ to protect your accounts. Give strong and complex passwords formed by combinations of alphabets, numeric, and not easily bypassed symbols.

Also, change passwords for multiple accounts and change them regularly to avoid attacks. We can also set several attempts to wrong passwords to set locking the account to safeguard from the hackers.

5. Do not use Public WI-FI Networks

Are you try to keep an eye on your IoT devices through your mobile devices in different locations. I recommend you not to use the public WI-FI network to access them. Because they are easily accessible through for everyone, you are still in a hurry to access, use VPN that gives them protection against cyber-attacks, giving them privacy and security features, for example, using Express VPN.

6. Establish firewalls to discover the vulnerabilities

There are software and firewalls like intrusion detection system/intrusion prevention system in the market. This will be useful to screen and analyze the wire traffic of a network. You can identify the security weakness by the firewall scanners within the network structure. Use these firewalls to get rid of unwanted security issues and vulnerabilities.

7. Reconfigure your device settings

Every smart device comes with the insecure default settings, and sometimes we are not able to change these default settings configurations. These conditions need to be assessed and need to reconfigure the default settings.

8. Authenticate the IoT applications

Nowadays, every smart app offers authentication to secure the accounts. There are many types of authentication methods like single-factor authentication, two-step authentication, and multi-factor authentication. Use any one of these to send a one time password (OTP) to verify the user who logs in the smart device to keep our accounts from falling into the wrong hands.

9. Update the device software up to date

Every smart device manufacturer releases updates to fix bugs in their software. These security patches help us to improve our protection of the device. Also, update the software on the smartphone, which we are used to monitoring the IoT devices to avoid vulnerabilities.

10. Track the smartphones and keep them safe

When we connect the smart home to the smartphone and control them via smartphone, you need to keep them safe. If you miss the phone almost, every personal information is at risk to the cybercriminals. But sometimes it happens by accident, makes sure that you can clear all the data remotely.

However, securing smart devices is essential in the world of data. There are still cybercriminals bypassing the securities. So make sure to do the safety measures to avoid our accounts falling out into the wrong hands. I hope these steps will help you all to secure your IoT devices.

If you have any, feel free to share them in the comments! I’d love to know them.

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Top IoT Application Development Company - WebClues Infotech

Top IoT Application Development Company

It is predicted that around 50 % of the electronic product will be connected with the Internet in the next decade and the technology that fulfills this need is the Internet of Things (IoT). This kind of system is operated and maintained with the app that populates information and data related to the device.

Want to Develop an IoT App for your product?

WebClues Infotech with its highly skilled team of developers is the capable app development service provider for IoT mobile app development. The skills that require for developing an IoT app are the combination of Electronics and App Development and WebClues Infotech has the dedicated team for that.

Want to know further about How WebClues Infotech can help you with your IoT app development needs?

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Top 5 Mobile App Development Companies in New York

New York is the best potential business hub for the technology and IT industry. Thousands of companies are established in New York for the mobile app development or technology industry. So, here quite a confusion is that how to choose the right company for your business amongst all the companies. No need to worry about it, We have found the most reliable and trustworthy mobile app development companies that are the top-tiers in New York. Before we share the companies list you need to know the benefits of mobile app development for your business.

Key Benefits of Mobile App Development:

· Improves Efficiency

· Offers High Scalability

· Secures Your App Data

· Integrates With Existing Software

· Easy to Maintain

· Improves Customer Relationship

· Facilitates New Client Data Retrieval

· Provides Real-time Project Access

Are you looking for top mobile app development companies in New York that help to create a custom mobile app as per your business requirements? Please go through these Top 5 mobile app development companies that provide exceptional development and design services for your business.

Top Mobile App Development Companies in New York:

1. AppCluesInfotech

AppClues Infotech is one of the leading mobile app development company based in New York that builds high-quality mobile apps. Being a versatile mobile app development company, they provide services on various platforms like Android, iOS, Cross-platform, Windows, etc. They are aware of the latest technologies and features of industry. They utilize them to create a user-engaging mobile app. They have the best team of designers and developers who are delivered a mobile app with high-quality and performance.

Founded In: 2014

Employees: 50 to 200 Members

Location: USA

Website: https://www.appcluesinfotech.com/

2. Data EximIT

Data EximIT is one of the leading mobile app development company in New York that provides top-notch and elegant mobile app development services with the latest market trends and functionalities at a competitive price. They have highly experienced mobile app designers and developers team who have the best strength of developing all types of a mobile app. They deliver a feature-rich mobile app for their clients that give the best business ROI.

Founded In: 2004

Employees: 50 to 150 Members

Location: USA & India

Website: https://www.dataeximit.com/

3. WebClues Infotech

WebClues Infotech is the most reliable & superior company that builds custom mobile apps to do things differently. They are the best mobile app development company in New York, USA and as well as globally with high proficiency. They have a highly experienced app developers team that has the best strength of work on multiple platforms like android, Cross-platform, and iOS.

They have successfully delivered 950+ mobile app projects effectively and on-time. Build your Robust, Secure, Scalable & High-performance mobile app with WebClues Infotech with creative & dynamic designs at an affordable price.

Founded In: 2014

Employees: 50 to 250 Members


Website: https://www.webcluesinfotech.com/

4. AppClues Studio

AppClues Studio is a leading mobile app development company in New York, USA. The company is versatile in developing custom mobile app development solutions to its customers across the globe. With an experience of 8+ years in mobile app development, Utility is hyper-focused on Return on Investment (ROI) and building good relationships with partner companies. The company is worked with a start-up to large enterprises.

Founded In: 2014

Employees: 50 to 150 Members

Location: USA & UK

Website: https://appcluesstudio.com/

5. WebClues Global

WebClues Global is a prominent mobile application development company in New York, USA. They are one of the top-tier mobile app developers who deliver high-end Android mobile app solutions to their clients. The company operated with 100+ qualified developers who working in different domains to give the best solution for their development. WebClues Global offers various services including web and mobile design & development, E-Commerce Development, Ui/Ux Development.

Founded In: 2014

Employees: 50 to 150 Members


Website: https://www.webcluesglobal.com/

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Aria Barnes

Aria Barnes


Why Is It Advisable To Use IoT For Accelerating Your Business?

Whenever you hear about businesses investing in IoT, does it occur to you too why IoT has gained so much popularity?

IoT is indeed the talk of the town in today's digital world due to cost-effectiveness, excellent efficiency, better use of resources, and many more advantages.

In fact, going by the stats, the IoT technology solution has moved from the pilot stage. It is playing a vital role in digital transformation while driving business value. The continued growth of this industry will prove to be a digitizing force in all businesses.

  • According to development stats, connecting all of our devices to the Internet, the entire IoT market is on track to grow and is expected to reach $520 billion in 2021.
  • Additionally, IDC projects that global IoT spending will reach $1.1 trillion in 2021 with a compound annual growth rate of 13.6%.
  • KPMG's innovation survey response provides evidence that IoT is the superior technology that opens up massive opportunities.
  • Almost 17% of respondents said that IoT drives the most significant business transformation.

I know these stats show remarkable growth of IoT, and you must be curious how IoT accelerates businesses.

Let me show you how IoT is transforming businesses or why it is advisable to use IoT to accelerate your business?


Importance of IoT in Businesses

Here are 7 ways how the Internet of Things is transforming businesses:


1. Reduced Businesses Expenses

IoT technology has come with several ways to reduce business expenses. The companies can further invest this revenue in developing the core values of the organization. This sets a perfect example of sustainable growth.

Here are some effective methods how IoT can help in cost-cutting:


  • Efficient Inventory Management:

The biggest challenge for manufacturing businesses is manual inventory management and tracking. This is because poor inventory management can lead to issues like order delays and wasted stock.

All these issues harm brand image directly. Fortunately, businesses now have the feasibility of opting IoT based inventory management. This is possible by either simply buying a ready-made IoT warehouse management software or hiring a software development company for a customized one.


  • Lower Maintenance Cost:

IoT-based predictive maintenance technology is helpful in reducing costs for an enterprise. This intelligent technology sends you alerts about potential technical failures beforehand. This automatically lowers maintenance costs, thus saving you any loss in productivity.


  • Optimized Energy Usage:

Ever been into a fight over thermostat temperature in your office? Well, how about installing a smart thermostat?

Installing a smart thermostat in your organization's building is simple and one of the most effective ways to reduce cost and energy.

Offices that switched to smart thermostats saw efficient energy usage, thus lowering their company's carbon footprints.


2. Data Exchange And Perception

Almost every business needs data collection and transmission assistance to work with, and the adoption of IoT has revolutionized data processing completely.

You may wonder how this will help businesses? By allowing greater access to user data, IoT apps are smart enough to track the patterns in which a user connects with the device.

With this self-learning from usage patterns, these IoT apps get more intelligent, offering a better user experience. Simultaneously, IoT products help organizations decrypt that data for business growth.

You can use that data to study consumer requirements, plan your release cycles, work on the scope of improvements, develop new inventions, and plan better ad campaigns for marketing.

For instance, wearable devices such as Fitbits or the smartwatches that we wear can communicate data through IoT-based sensors and offer accurate information about health and fitness goals.


3. Enhanced User Experience

Since IoT devices make better use of data and analytics, the company provides enhanced user experiences. This is one of the top ways how IoT is helping businesses.

Better insights allow businesses to provide a more personalized experience to every customer.

As business owners, we will also agree that consumer demands have evolved over the years. Shoppers now expect to experience a convenient online purchase without having to visit the physical store.

You can incorporate IoT in your online store to facilitate a better and enhanced user experience.


4. Effective Marketing Strategies

Since IoT helps businesses in ingesting, processing, visualizing, and responding to large volumes of data, organizations can ultimately come up with innovative strategies to meet customer needs.

By investing in internet-connected devices, businesses get a 360-degree view of their customer's preferences. This way, they create revenue-generating campaigns and focus better on their target audience.

In addition to this, the Internet of Things accelerates the segmentation of the customer base. This helps in generating personalized offers, thus resulting in an increased consumer satisfaction rate.

For example, Big Ass Fans have come up with innovative smart fans with light and temperature sensors. These fans outstand other ceiling fans in the market by adapting to the speed based on the user's comfort preference.


5. Improved Business Security

IoT technology is being highly used to boost the security of commercial buildings in multiple ways. For instance, wireless IoT-based CCTV systems can be installed anywhere on your company premises. This will provide a 24*7 live feed directly to your smart viewing device.

Development stats show that security cameras are up to 85% effective against criminals.

Another smart way to make your company office more secure is wireless alarms. It is affordable and can boost your business' security up to 7 times.  

An additional benefit of installing the above-mentioned wireless smart security devices is that it has helped many businesses in lowering the cost of their liability insurances.

It is a good practice for all businesses to install smart security devices and monitor their business premises.


6. Drive Insights In Real-time

Real-time data collected from processes, and intelligent devices, through IoT-based sensors revolutionizes how companies do business. Ever since the possibility of real-time insights being made possible, the game has changed.

We can already witness innovation in core sectors, especially in the retail industry.

By receiving real-time data of buyers, retailers can manage the inventory or release product batches on the shelves accordingly. This will result in increased profits with efficient sales and top-notch inventory management.

The Internet of Things plays a significant role in interconnecting devices. These devices include smart cameras and other systems to work collaboratively and provide real-time data.

Working in this method, any organization can make intelligent decisions, ultimately acquiring business model innovations that help achieve further business goals.

If we take the example of real-time data-driven business, livestock monitoring deals with animal husbandry. With their IoT-based intelligent mobile applications, farmers can collect data on the welfare of their livestock. Knowing about an animal's health in time can help remove and prevent the spread of disease, which may result in a large number of sick cattle.


7. Enhanced Productivity And Faster Deliveries

Above all, the biggest problem for businesses is that clients always demand fast deliveries. Nowadays, most logistics service providers and vendors have started applying IoT technology solutions to meet the quicker delivery crisis and reach the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.

The trouble doesn't end here in processing, just with great speed. Businesses also need high-level efficiency and better productivity to be able to deliver faster.

Are you wondering how you can do that?

Well, with improved information and deep insights about markets and consumer demands, you can quickly increase the productivity of your business and meet the demand.

Also, with features like real-time feedback on operational efficiency, IoT helps in increasing the efficiency of businesses.

These innovations will help companies run at a lower cost and also help in consequently expanding the landscape intensively. This is because IoT insertion is inexpensive, and manufacturing becomes 10 times more feasible.



That's All, Folks!

From eCommerce to agriculture, IoT has touched every industry. The growth of every significant business is now being supported by the Internet of Things and its innovations.

If you are also willing to invest in an IoT solution for your business, here's what you can do. The most brilliant move would be to get in touch with the top IoT app development company in India.

You won't deny, only an expert can come up with an expert solution. If you have any other queries or suggestions, feel free to comment below.


Till then, that's all, folks!

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Kole Haag


How manufacturing and Lighting Solution companies are benefitting from IoT

Lights today have become more than simple means of lighting up the dark. During their evolution from a simple filament bulb to today’s connected LEDs, lights have become more efficient and intelligent.

Digitalization makes new services possible

Digitalization makes new services possible

Products and services in the field of lighting and building-services technology are taking the form of subscription models. The ongoing process of digitalization is driving the trend. Known as ‘X as a Service’ (XaaS), ‘Light as a Service’ (LaaS), ‘Security as a Service,’ and ‘Safety as a Service,’ this trend offers benefits for both providers and customers. Digitalization is not only driving this development but also giving rise to new business models offered by IoT service providers.

In the future, lighting will be part of the internet of things (IoT) and services. Modern technology based on IoT Applications makes it possible to adapt the light to the needs of individual users. Lighting-system operation can be optimized if employed in combination with sun-protection systems, air-conditioning technology, and user-behavior models.

Given that service providers receive data from many different locations, they can develop algorithms that benefit all customers by helping to control the lighting situation more effectively and thus save energy.

Customers via service agreements can obtain the best lighting for their premises without having to bear high investment costs. They not only profit from the reduced effort required but always have the latest IoT Technology and enjoy accounting benefits.

What Is Smart Lighting?

Simply speaking, smart lighting is a combination of 6 components.

  1. LED Luminaries
  2. Sensors
  3. Drivers to control lighting operations such as DALI
  4. Data connectivity modules such as Wi-Fi or 4G/LTE
  5. Platform to collect data, moderate data and onboard sensors enabled devices
  6. User facing application

A complete smart lighting system using IoT Platform can intelligently automate and control lighting operations making working environments safer, productive, and efficient.

What Can Smart Lighting do?

Technology without a relevant business use case is not of much use. Availability of a variety of Sensors, Advanced analytics techniques like Edge Computing, and scalable IoT Cloud services are fuelling the rise of unique use cases for smart lighting. IoT devices no longer limit industrial use cases for smart lighting solutions.

Smart lighting can enable the following use cases:

  1. Predictive maintenance of your lighting operations with IoT services
  2. Create custom schedules for lighting operations to save energy and reduce bills
  3. On-demand lighting based on motion sensor and proximity sensor
  4. HVAC cleaning and maintenance alerts based on temperature and dust particle measurements
  5. Smart lighting pole for measuring the presence of atmospheric gases. Digital boards for weather updates, integrated camera feed for security, and calling points for emergencies.

smart lighting

Why Facility Managers Should Upgrade to IoT Enabled Digital Service Solutions

For many years, efficiency and cost savings in maintenance operations have been the guiding lights for Facility Managers round the globe. But they are not enough. Facility Managers are now looking out for IoT solutions that can help them identify areas of improvement and give them operational insights with baseline data. Digitizing critical maintenance processes with the help of IoT solutions is the right step forward.

Lighting operations alone contribute a significant portion of maintenance expenses. But not many facility managers have visibility in area wise or device/machine wise electricity consumption. This is where IoT enabled solutions can help.

Three crucial IoT solutions can help Facility Managers not only create digital services operations but also reduce cost and gain efficiency, which enables higher productivity for the organization.

  1. IoT enabled Smart Lighting solution — Smart lighting solutions allow Facility Managers to switch to IoT lighting, which can control with defined rules without any manual intervention. Facility Managers also stand to gain from detailed reports on area wise electricity consumption, which gives them real insights that were not available before. Advanced features such as Faulty Light Identification, predicting light failure, can help Facility Managers plan their lighting maintenance operations, thus reducing time on production floors.
  2. IoT enabled smart, metering solutions. Smart metering solutions, when installed at each consumption point, can give Facility Managers real-time insights into important parameters such as quality of current supply, real-time voltage levels, power consumption, etc. When these parameters are associated with machine operational parameters can give real-time correlation between previously unknown factors. Automated operations such as isolators or MCB trips can save precious equipment from getting damaged. Detailed graphs and reports provide real insights into daily activities, allowing them to take necessary actions before things go wrong.
  3. IoT enabled smart air monitoring solution – Modern HVAC systems are the lifeline of today’s buildings. However, these systems are under constant pressure and need constant maintenance in the form of leak checks, duct cleanliness, and the ability to maintain the right temperature and humidity levels. IoT enabled ambient atmosphere monitoring systems can help Facility Managers get real-time visibility into their HVAC operations and their cleanliness status. High dust particles reading than normal can indicate a need to clean the ducts. Abnormal temperature or humidity levels can indicate window glazing going bad or condensation forming in unexpected places.

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