Sort Array of Objects By Two Properties in JavaScript

Sort Array of Objects By Two Properties in JavaScript

One sort function, two sort orders

I was recently working on a way to sort an array of objects alphabetically based on two columns. This means that both levels of alphabetical sorting should be maintained. See the example below.

var fruits = [
  {colA: 'apple', colB: 'red delicious'},
  {colA: 'pear', colB: 'red anjou'},
  {colA: 'orange', colB: 'navel'},
  {colA: 'orange', colB: 'blood'},
  {colA: 'pear', colB: 'green anjou'},
  {colA: 'apple', colB: 'granny smith'},
  {colA: 'orange', colB: 'clementine'}

The above list is supposed to be sorted to look like the below array.

  {colA: "apple", colB: "granny smith"},
  {colA: "apple", colB: "red delicious"},
  {colA: "orange", colB: "blood"},
  {colA: "orange", colB: "clementine"},
  {colA: "orange", colB: "navel"},
  {colA": "pear", colB: "green anjou"},
  {colA: "pear", colB: "red anjou"}

Now, your first though might be to simply sort the fruits by colA first. Then once you have a new sorted array, perform the second sort based on colB. Let’s see what happens if we do that.

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