Understanding Web Standards — Shadow DOM and Custom HTML Elements

Understanding Web Standards — Shadow DOM and Custom HTML Elements

following us introduces some new functionality provided by web components, a cross-browser solution for building complex web applications.

Getting Familiar With New Web Standards

You might already know that frontend development requires just three technologies upon which the entire web is built: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In the not-too-distant past, the feature set of these standards lagged behind the functional wishes of developers and designers. They couldn't build the web sites they wanted to build with the tools they were given. To work around this, several independent teams each devised their own frameworks to supplement what was officially supported by browsers.

In one sense, these frameworks worked well. They introduced new UI patterns and dynamic websites at a time when desktop and mobile browsers were still in divergence. But at the same time, each framework was proprietary and unique. The skills and techniques you learned in one would not be transferable to another. Each framework handled page rendering differently, had a different language syntax, and in general, worked differently across browsers.

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