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The Internet of Things

Introduction The first question that we should attempt to answer is, of course, what is the Internet of Things? Although the concepts we call on throughout this article are relatively straightforw

Transforming Industries Through Artificial-Internet-of-Things

TRANSFORMING INDUSTRIES THROUGH ARTIFICIAL-INTERNET-OF-THINGS. Deploying AIoT in different industries will enable organizations to work efficiently.

Transforming Industries Through Artificial-Internet-of-Things

AIoT is a unique combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things. The IoT has sensors data or telemetry data that is governed by cloud computing. The telemetry data is sent to the cloud, where the large datasets and insights are stored.

Internet Of Things: Automatic email IOT development using NodeMCU | Simpliv

INTERNET OF THINGS is the latest technology in the market which can be used to control work, labs, homes & office premises by enabling appliances and devices to become live on the internet. IOT is capturing the world technological market by enabling devices to connect to the internet and becoming trillion dollar industry. With the current advancement in IOT, it is possible to convert imagination into reality with recently launched of low-cost IOT modules. IOT is a practical approach which is creating a new trend in the life of people. Welcome to the world of the Internet of things.