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Rowena Cox


Video in Your Xamarin.Forms App with MediaElement

Audio and video are big parts of apps nowadays. If you need to add those in your Xamarin.Forms app, you can do so with the MediaElement. MediaElement is a part of the Xamarin Community Toolkit and allows you to play media from remote URLs to embedded sources and anything in between.

In this video we will learn how to get started with it.

🔗 Links
Sample App Repo:
MediaElement Docs:

Xamarin.CommunityToolkit Repo:
Xamarin.CommunityToolkit Docs:

⏱ Timestamps
0:00 Intro
0:21 End Result Overview
1:08 Sample App Outline
1:32 Install Xamarin.CommunityToolkit NuGet
2:00 Add Toolkit Namespace to UI
3:00 Implement MediaElement
4:20 AutoPlay Property
4:47 MediaElement Sizing
6:25 Other MediaElement APIs
10:13 Outro
11:19 Shoutout to my Latest Channel Member!

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Video in Your Xamarin.Forms App with MediaElement