useState vs useReducer

useState vs useReducer

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useReducer is usually preferable to useState when you have complex state logic that involves multiple sub-values or when the next state depends on the previous one. useReducer also lets you optimize performance for components that trigger deep updates because you can pass dispatch down instead of callbacks.

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I'm interested in the bold part, which states that useReducer should be used instead of useStatewhen being used in contexts.

I tried both variants, but they don't appear to differ.

The way I compared both approaches was as follows:

const [state, updateState] = useState();
const [reducerState, dispatch] = useReducer(myReducerFunction);

I passed each of them once to a context object, which was being consumed in a deeper child (I just ran separate tests, replacing the value by the function that I wanted to test).

<ContextObject.Provider value={updateState // dispatch}>

The child contained these functions

const updateFunction = useContext(ContextObject);
  () => {
    console.log('effect triggered');

In both cases, when the parent rerendered (because of another local state change), the effect never ran, indicating that the update function isn't changed between renders. Am I reading the bold sentence in the quote wrong? Or is there something I'm overlooking?

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