Introduction to Azure Database Migration Service (ADMS)

Introduction to Azure Database Migration Service (ADMS)

This articles describes the new Azure database migration service (ADMS) launch from the migration service tab in the dashboard.

Microsoft Azure platform provides an Azure Database Migration Service (ADMS) – a convenient solution for the Azure Cloud-based Databases migration tasks in a straight forward way. In this article, we elaborate on the AMDS essential work and integrated processes. 

We put in the focus issues related to the migration of object resources on Cloud to Cloud and on-premises database server to cloud. Also, we’ll deal with the cross-database migration compatibility between different database technologies.

ADMS supports several Automation migration tasks for data migration on Azure platform from SQL Server, MySQL, AWS RDS for MySQL, PostgreSQL, AWS RDS for PostgreSQL, Oracle, AWS RDS for SQL Server, and NoSQL Server (MongoDB).

Why Azure Database Migration Service (ADMS)?

Many organizations upgrade their platform technologies and shift toward Cloud technology. It endorses new technologies and lowers infrastructure costs. Azure Database Migration Services works as an arbitrator between the two data sources: it helps to migrate schemas, objects, and data between two databases or database servers.

The primary concern is how to move an existing database structure and information to the Cloud?

Typically, when we migrate data from the current setup to the Azure database, DBAs have to plan and prepare schema migration scripts, data migration scripts, and other assets in the server migration process. The source and destination can have different data type support and different syntax for the programmability objects (e.g., MySQL to Azure database).

While shifting the on-premises data to the cloud database via ADMS, we can rely on the Azure migration solutions. It won’t matter if the source database uses the same technology or a different one. 

Users can also choose to automatically design the data migration, which is a significant plus of this service. Moreover, according to the users’ requirements, ADMS allows us to synchronize the information in the runtime or periodically. Cross-database technologies at the migration origin and destination, which are among the most tedious tasks for the DBA, become simpler with ADMS.

It is a pretty convenient service for migration on the Cloud. Microsoft has designed it in a way that it can execute a quick migration from a massive source to the Azure database. There are several key steps to configure the first migration service before constructing a new Migration Project. Further, we’ll build our first Azure Database Migration Service.

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