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Utilize the benefits of blockchain in your supply chain management

In this digital era, every business has moved into the next phase with new innovative technologies like blockchain. Blockchain is adopted in various businesses like Supply chain, eCommerce, Finance, Education, Insurance, FMCG, and Healthcare.

here let us see how blockchain helps supply chain management

What is Supply Chain Management?

Supply Chain Management is the process of converting raw materials into a full finished product till the delivery to the user end. It involves a lot of middlemen in handling goods in the supply chain as it is a comprehensive process that uses more resources and time. It also has major drawbacks as a traditional supply chain.
To overcome the drawbacks of the supply chain blockchain can be utilized.

Blockchain is collections of computers, they share a distributed ledger for recording the transactions held over the blockchain, each transaction is recorded with a timestamp, transactions are viewable to the parties involved in the transaction. Blockchain has three unique features like Decentralization, immutable, and Transparency. These features help the business with their uniqueness.

Decentralization: It is a fact that it eliminates the central control entity, all the transactions are stored over the shared distributed ledger.
Immutable: All the transactions recorded on the blockchain can not be altered, as they are tamper-proof in the blockchain network.
Transparency: All the transactions held on the blockchain are viewable to the participants in the blockchain network.

Benefits of Blockchain in Supply Chain Management

Automating the purchase process
Improving performance

There are various business benefits of blockchain in supply chain management, to make your tedious supply chain business operations into an agile approach with the help of innovative blockchain technology.

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Utilize the benefits of blockchain in your supply chain management

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Blockchain diminishes the existing hindrance in supply chain management

In this modern business world, supply chain management plays an imperative role by allowing businesses to achieve efficiency, success, and responsiveness. Over the decade, the scale of businesses has expanded widely, many geographic locales involved in the production process have grown tremendously, and product portfolios have increased.

As a result, the supply chain has grown from a conventional network of manufacturers and suppliers to a vast ecosystem with multiple stakeholders involved in moving products from one region to another.

Now let us scrutinize the existing challenges that pull down the efficiency of supply chain management.

The demand for product visibility and end-to-end traceability has become higher. Also, the inefficiency of data sharing in existing supply chains has dramatically impacted the operations of retailers and manufacturers.

The outdated supply chain struggles to improve demand management because they lack in providing real-time data, which eventually creates a complex scenario for manufacturers.

Furthermore, the old technology of today’s supply chain fails to render adequate risk management, reduce costs, or meet quickly changing market requirements.

Blockchain eradicates the hurdles in the existing supply chain:
The integration of blockchain technology can significantly eliminate the above-mentioned problems in the supply chain. Blockchain technology empowers the supply chain with improved efficiency, and transparency, and reduced transactional time and cost.

Here are the ways blockchain technology benefits the supply chain:
Improved end-to-end traceability:

With the adoption of blockchain, traceability within the supply chain network is immensely improved. A blockchain-enabled supply chain can automatically record the data of the item in real-time. The information stored in the ledger is complete, accurate, and easy to access, from the product’s source to the customer.

This kind of advanced traceability gives stakeholders and end customers more confidence in the authenticity and quality of goods.

Greater transparency:
The main advantage of blockchain is that it provides reliable identity management in the supply chain, enabling all participants to know who is performing what actions, where and at what time.

This information is recorded in the distributed ledgers that involved and authorized stakeholders can easily access.

Therefore, a blockchain provides transparency and a complete inventory of product flow that helps businesses to make better forecasts and decisions. Additionally, transparency serves as a powerful tool for eliminating counterfeit.

Enhanced trust:
In a blockchain-based supply chain, the transactions are recorded based on peer-to-peer interaction that the associated digital signatures can trust.

Data such as product collection of time, location, and other information are recorded in the ledger. All data are synchronized and accessed by all the stakeholders in real-time, which enhances trust among various participants within the supply chain network.

Wrapping up!
As stated above, blockchain shows the significant capacity to benefit the existing supply chain. We believe it delivers an efficient, transparent, and collaborative network for businesses to quickly secure shared data across a variety of supply chain sectors and processes.

Apparently, Supply Chain Software Development Company allow your businesses to build a more flexible and reliable supply chain process and robustly address new external and internal hindrances.

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ybobby young


Blockchain to help improve the meat supply chains right from the farm to the retailer!

This blog is all about how the meat supply chains integrate blockchain technology in their business operations in a way that every participant (producers, consumers / end users and the industry welfare group) of the network wishes for.
Before getting in depth into the concept, let’s have a recap on what actually is a meat supply chain and how it contributes to the market share of the industry….
A meat supply chain is a network responsible for the production, supply and the delivery of meat products to the consumers or the end users. Even though the supply chain series for the meat commodities seem to vary at a greater scale every now and then, the overall hierarchy of the product flow remains fairly constant and same for all types of meat varieties.
It just gets kick-started with the birth of the animal followed by its maturity, butcher, slaughter, processing, and distribution and so on. All these procedures are somewhat alike in moving towards the goal of consumer product delivery and this is how the meat supply chains work right away in satisfying the demands of the end users.
Processing points in a meat supply chain:
Farms, abattoirs, dead stock collection nodes, border points, quarantine stations, warehousing nodes, cold storages,Blockchain Technology For Beef, production and distribution centres, grocery points, retail stores, end consumption points like restaurants or some others.
What makes meat supply chains dominant in the industry?
As humans, a majority of us are fond of eating meat products right from our first ancestral community. The immense interest that we are showing in meat consumption to meet our daily food requirements is one of the major causesfor enhanced meat production and supply over the years. Here is where the meat supply chains find their importance in gaining popularity among the public and profit among the investor groups. In fact, they come up to bridge the gap that exist between the supply and demand for meat products in the market resulting in an improved meat consumption among the end users.
Key market insights of the meat industry:
As per the recent statistics, the global meat market size was accounted to be something around 500+ billion US Dollars in the year 2019. It is also predicted that by the year of 2027, the same would be something that could reach 850+ billion US Dollars. In addition, the total CAGR rate for the forecast period 2020 to 2027 is approximately 6.24%. Now let us imagine how far we can invest in meat supply chains for better profit reap.
Rising consumer demands for ready to cook and eat meat products:
Both in the developing and developed economies of the world, there exist a rise in demand for meat consumption especially in the form of ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat meat commodities. The global meat market is driven continuously towards the growth peak especially by today’s fast-paced consumers’ lifestyle and the increasing interest over meat usage. Several meat manufacturers also are taking part in creating meat product demand right with the introduction of several innovative meat supply ideologies, which further helps boost up the demand among the consumers.
Processes involved in beef supply chain management:
Product feeding, shipping of products to the processing plants, reception of products by the processing plants, minimal processing of meat products, extraction of non-meat ingredients, finished product packaging, shipping of products to the distributors, reception of products by the distributors, shipping of products to the food service outlets or retailer points, reception of products by the food service outlets or retailer points, retail POS operations.
A glimpse on benefits of blockchain for beef business:
The animal meat industry is not that efficient as we think.
Why blockchain intrusion is essential for the improvement of efficiency in meat supply chains?
If we take any product supply chain inclusive of the meat supply chains, there comes a lot of contamination and quality threats due to some unavoidable reasons. The consumers on the other end are not satisfied with those threats thus demanding for quality boosted meat products for them to buy in the market. Here is where the significance of blockchain comes in and it ensures traceability and transparency in the meat products available for sale.
Transparency paves way for the ends users to gain the overall information regarding the product processing thus making everything transparent in the system constituting a wide range of network participants. This results in an enhanced level of trust for the products moving to and fro in the meat supply chains. Whereas, traceability accounts for helping the users track the product details right from its origin to the supply phase thus bridging the gaps in product purchase by the consumers.
Nowadays, the end users demand for such product details before they have gone to buy any meat product in the market.Blockchain solution for beef The major reason for this is the increasing contamination with processed and packaged meat products these days. Thus, with the help of blockchain’s innate features namely the transparency and traceability, anyone can buy products free from contamination lack of trust.
With the subsequent rise in quality and trust levels in the meat product deliveries, the efficiency levels of meat supply chains will also get improved gradually on the go with ease thus resulting in bringing brand new supply chains for the future meat consumption. This is how the technology of blockchain works right away for the meat industry.

In simple terms, we can say that blockchain is the one and only disruptive technology that brings out safer, efficient, transparent, traceable and sustainable supply chains belonging to the meat sector.
No matter whether you are a business person already having your own supply chain traceability system or a newbie entrepreneur who is looking out for the best traceability solutions out there in the industry. We welcome you onboard to avail our excellent blockchain in meat supply chain solutions so that you could either build or rebuild your meat supply chain business with a brand-new traceability solution from our side.
If you are the one who is in a dilemma that your current supply chain blockchain system is not good enough to carry forward for your future business operations, then you are certainly at the right place. Being a blockchain technology partner, tracefood can help leverage the tougher supply chain complexities to come out with better business results. This is how our ultimate food traceability especially the meat traceability series could help you out.
We know that with today’s modern cum complex meat supply chain systems organizing product recalls every now and then, it is always difficult to manage the overall system functioning and operations and here is where our blockchain for beef business stand out.
We make you get all the essential tools that could help digitize and standardize your sensitive business data once you approach us for any solution. Because we firmly believe that data is the key component in any kind of supply chain business and meat industry is no more an exception here. Hence the data needs to be kept safe, private and confidential in order for you as an entrepreneur to punch your foot prints in the industry by generating tones and tones of profit ever.
Tracefood – the one stop arena for your meat supply chain business needs:
At tracefood, we help people integrate value-rich blockchain solutions for beef to come out with excellent business ROIs of their choice. If you are the one who is interested in having blockchain in your meat supply, then we are glad to meet and help you out. We make you gain an improved level of prominence in meat supply and delivery right with the integration of potential blockchain for meat supply chains.

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Ayush Kanodia

Ayush Kanodia


Blockchain Applications for Supply Chain| Blockchain for supply chain

Blockchain technology could be use to the supply chain as it has the power to change the whole supply chain, industries, and ecosystems by tracking deadline, avoiding costly delays and the handling of manual paperwork. Read the case study for more information.

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Blockchain in Covid: How is it Benefitting the Pharmaceutical and Logistics Companies?

Full blog: Here

It was December 2019 when the novel coronavirus pandemic hit the globe like a storm. All the nations worldwide were looking towards the pharmaceutical industry for a vaccine that will combat the virus.

To a surprise, developed nations and some developing countries like India made this possible within a year by developing their own vaccine to address the novel coronavirus. While some have vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna, others have Covishield, Covaxin, and Sputnik.

News of the vaccine trials brought a sigh of relief to billions of people worldwide, but many were also concerned about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. Jason Kelley, says, “A vaccine is not effective unless and until it is not distributed and trusted by customers.”

For this, manufacturers and logistics companies delivering the vaccines heavily rely on blockchain technology to empower the vaccination distribution network to inject speed, accountability, and infuse transparency across the system. Due to this, the blockchain development companies India have come into their own.

With the blog, you will get to know the benefits of Blockchain in vaccine drive and how it effectively monitors and strengthens the system in Covid times.

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Blockchain Certification | Blockchain Training Course | Blockchain Council

In all the market sectors, Blockchain technology has contributed to the redesign. The improvements that were once impossible have been pushed forward. Blockchain is one of the leading innovations with the ability to influence the various sectors of the industry. It also has the ability to be one of the career-influencing innovations at the same time. We have seen an increasing inclination towards the certification of the Blockchain in recent years, and there are obvious reasons behind it. Blockchain has everything to offer, from good packages to its universal application and futuristic development. Let’s address the reasons why one should go for Blockchain certification.

5 advantages of certification by Blockchain:

1. Lucrative packages- Everyone who completes their education or upskills themselves wants to end up with a good bundle, not only is one assured of a good learning experience with Blockchain, but the packages are drool-worthy at the same time. A Blockchain developer’s average salary varies between $150,000 and $175,000 per annum. Comparatively, a software developer gets a $137,000 per year salary. For a Blockchain developer, the San Francisco Bay area provides the highest bundle, amounting to $162,288 per annum. There’s no point arguing that learning about Blockchain is a smart decision with such lucrative packages.

2. Growing industry- When you select any qualification course, it becomes important that you choose a growing segment or industry that promises potential in the future. You should anticipate all of these with Blockchain. The size of the blockchain market is expected to rise from USD 3.0 billion in 2020 to USD 39.7 billion by 2025. This will see an incredible 67.3 percent CAGR between 2020-2025. To help business processes, several businesses are outsourcing Blockchain technologies. This clearly demonstrates that there will be higher demand in the future for Blockchain developers and certified Blockchain professionals.

3. Universal application- One of the major reasons for the success of Blockchain is that it has a global application. It is not sector-specific. Blockchain usage cases are discovered by almost all market segments. In addition, other innovations such as AI, big data, data science and much more are also supported by Blockchain. It becomes easier to get into a suitable industry once you know about Blockchain.

**4. Work protection-**Surely you would like to invest in an ability that ensures job security. You had the same chance for Blockchain. Since this is the technology of the future, understanding that Blockchain can keep up with futuristic developments will help in a successful and safe job.

**5.**After a certain point of your professional life, you are expected to learn about new abilities that can help enhance your skills. Upskilling is paramount. Upskilling oneself has become the need for the hour, and choosing a path that holds a lot of potential for the future is the best way to do this. For all computer geeks and others who want to gain awareness of emerging technology, Blockchain is a good option.

Concluding thoughts- opting for Blockchain certification is a successful career move with all these advantages. You will be able to find yourself in a safe and secured work profile once you have all the knowledge and information. Link for Blockchain certification programme with the Blockchain Council.

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