Hacker Noon's Lair on DEN.social is now LIVE!!

Hacker Noon's Lair on DEN.social is now LIVE!!

Den rewards the creation and evaluation of quality content within each Lair. Denizens compete to evaluate content quickly.

Hey writers…have you heard the news? Hacker Noon is hanging out in Den. No, they’re not holed up in some damp, dark cave.

So what’s Den you ask? Well, Den is an alternative social media platform with individual communities called Lairs.

Hacker Noon just landed their own Lair and now we want to talk to you, all the amazing writers in the contributors’ club, about how you can get the conversation going with your readers while grabbing a bit of passive income while you’re at it. Let’s discuss, shall we? Read more : https://hackernoon.com/hacker-noons-lair-on-densocial-is-now-live-qf5933f5

#nft #defi #socialmedia #freelancewriting #passiveincome

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