Object-Oriented JavaScript : Modules

Object-Oriented JavaScript : Modules

In this Object-Oriented JavaScript  tutorial, we’ll look at JavaScript modules. JavaScript is partly an object-oriented language. To learn JavaScript, we got to learn the object-oriented parts of JavaScript.

JavaScript is partly an object-oriented language.

To learn JavaScript, we got to learn the object-oriented parts of JavaScript.

In this article, we’ll look at JavaScript modules.


JavaScript modules let us divide our code into multiple small chunks.

Modules in JavaScript are just regular JavaScript files.

There’s no module keyword.

We just use the export keyword to make items in modules available to other modules.

For instance, we can write:


export const port = 8080;
export function startServer() {
export class Config {
export function process() {

to create a module with various members exported.

We can export variables, functions, classes, etc.

Then we can import it by writing:

import * from './module'

We import all members from a module with the asterisk.

Also, we can import individual members by writing:

import { Config, process } from "./module";

We import the proces function and the Config class from module .

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