PHP Array Length: How to Find Array Length in PHP [With Examples]

PHP Array Length: How to Find Array Length in PHP [With Examples]

What are PHP array? In PHP, we implement the array of an assigned Map. The sizeof PHP count() function to get built-in function in PHP, and we can use it to count the number of elements present in an array countable object. The count() and sizeof() function returns 0 for a variable that we can initialize with an empty array. PHP Array Length: How to Find Array Length in PHP [With Examples]

What Are PHP Arrays?

  • In  PHP, we implement the  array of an assigned Map.
  • A map is a conceptual data type of key-value pairs, we can consider it as an interface.
  • We can implement a map in various ways For Example: HashTable,  HashMap, Dictionary.
  • To know the depth of understanding, We can check the PHP source for Array and HashTable.
  • We can use the array to save the combination of data as per the scenarios and assign them to a particular variable name.
  • Each array item we can assign as a key and value pair.

Below is the example we can consider as key and value pair:


Note: we categorize Arrays as “indexed array” and “associative array” based on the key stipulation. The Indexed array has a default index that starts with ‘0’.The associative array includes the user-defined key index. We can use the keys for strings and natural numbers.

How to create an Array in PHP?


  • An empty array


$emptyArray = array();

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