Top Reasons to Choose Node.js to Build eCommerce Marketplace

Top Reasons to Choose Node.js to Build eCommerce Marketplace

We will examine why Node JS is considered the best platform for building a multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace.

It is a challenging task to build an eCommerce marketplace in a world where there are lots of eCommerce giants such as eBay and Amazon. With so many platforms obtainable for building a marketplace, selecting the proper platform will be the initial step for accomplishing this challenging task. Although it was utilized as a scripting language in the past, JavaScript has become quite popular at present. JavaScript is used by more than 70% of eCommerce developers throughout the planet.

The most notable part regarding JavaScript is that it can become a front-end scripting language plus a server-side programming language. This helps to make Node JS an appropriate platform for creating multi-vendor marketplaces.

What exactly is Node JS? Node JS happens to be a cross-platform, open-source JavaScript runtime environment that can execute JavaScript code outside a browser.

Node JS developers can use this platform to write command-line tools for developing dynamic page content before dispatching the page to the user’s browser. This platform functions well for building eCommerce marketplaces and also for online endeavors and content administration. It is quite popular for developing acute and dynamic database-triggered mobile and web apps.

Who uses Node JS? Quite a few brands have faith in Node JS development company to provide a remarkable customer experience. Below, we have mentioned a list.

GoDaddy Microsoft Store eBay PayPal Groupon Uber Netflix Walmart At present, Node JS is responsible for powering over 82,000 websites, and amongst these, over 20% happen to be business sites.

In the following paragraphs, we will examine why Node JS is considered the best platform for building a multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace.

  1. Cost-effective and performance-oriented Multitasking features are supported by Node JS, which helps to make it one of the best frameworks for eCommerce development at affordable rates. Various operations are involved in an eCommerce store, such as selecting payments, modifying product features, add-to-cart buttons, guest checkout, and making it reliable and simple. Moreover, Node JS can simultaneously handle multiple operations, producing a fantastic experience for the users in real-time. Node JS will enable you to save cash and create an online outlet within an affordable budget and within the specified frame of time.
  1. Scalability This platform also enables quick scalability. It is feasible for your eCommerce store to grow substantially within a short time. This aspect is essential to consider while selecting the technology. Node JS comes with a built-in mechanism that can manage scalability effectively.
  1. Active community The community of Node JS is quite active, and lots of efficient Node JS developers regularly contribute to improving the framework. For this reason, the framework happens to be up-to-date, continually supported, and well-documented, which helps to make development quite fast and simple. They produce many ready solutions and codes in Github, modules, plugins, and other possibilities.

  2. Npm package manager To further simplify the development process, Node JS includes an Npm package manager that carries lots of ready-to-use packages and plugins for your business store app on the web. The developers don’t have to write every single code; instead, the required module can be imported from the Npm package manager. Apart from enhancing the code’s integrity, it likewise helps to minimize time-to-market considerably.

  1. One language for back-end as well as front-end Being a JavaScript-based runtime environment, Node JS supports several isomorphic frameworks such as React JS. This implies that front-end, as well as back-end codes, can be written in identical language. This helps simplify the process of development and provides better performance, SEO, and code maintainability.
  1. Speed of operation PayPal can reduce the overall response time by 40% simply by including a Node JS shopping cart. Walmart likewise uses the speed of this framework to its advantage. The usage of the V8 engine using Node JS-based applications helps to produce remarkable speed. Node JS provides speedy and robust solutions without sacrificing security.
  1. Makes use of faster NoSQL database Even though many platforms are compatible with Relational Database, Node JS is compatible with NoSQL database. It can work with NoSQL and SQL, such as CouchDB and MongoDB, and queries are executed utilizing graph-based database systems such as neo4j. It is likewise compatible with JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), which makes it quite simple to work with sans SQL.

With Node JS, there is no need to switch between database syntaxes for executing back-end and front-end queries. Only a single Node JS syntax will work perfectly on the client-side and server-side scripting.

  1. Support for many plugins Node JS comes with lots of ready-to-use plugins that help manage various essential aspects of eCommerce web application development. Different features can be added to eCommerce websites with the help of these plugins, making them more powerful and intuitive.
  1. Easy product management Any eCommerce site consists of multiple products, and a simple management tool is required by it. Node JS can facilitate the simple management of product catalogs. One can maintain multiple product variants using a NoSQL database, which produces a flawless solution for the eCommerce business. Consequently, it is feasible to develop an arranged product management with the help of Node JS.

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