How to Fix the Error "Can't Read Superblock" on Linux (ext4 & Btrfs)

How to Fix the Error "Can't Read Superblock" on Linux (ext4 & Btrfs)

How to Fix the Error "Can't Read Superblock" on Linux (ext4 & Btrfs). This tutorial shows you how to fix the can not read superblock error on Linux for ext4 and Btrfs file system.

The Structure of Hard Disk Drive A hard disk drive usually has several circular platters stacked vertically with a spindle that rotates the disk in the center. Each platter is coated with a magnetizable material to record data. Each platter surface is divided into tens of thousands of tracks. It’s like running tracks in sports.

Physical Sector Size vs Logical Sector Size Although new hard drives use the 4K advanced format, operating systems still expect a 512 bytes sector size, so the firmware on the HDD divides a 4K physical sector into several logical sectors, typically 512 bytes. 

Partition Alignment Using firmware to produce a logical sector can degrade performance, especially when file system partitions are not aligned with physical sectors.

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