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Build a Custom Social Network/Timeline Feed With Kotlin

In this post, we’ll create a simple social network, called “The Stream”, that allows a user to post messages to followers.

The app will allow a user to post a message to their followers. Stream’s Activity Feed API, combined with Android, makes it straightforward to build this sort of complex interaction. All source code for this application is available on GitHub. This application is fully functional on Android.

Often there is the context around those code snippets, which are essential, such as layout or navigation. Please refer to the full source if you’re confused about how something works, what libraries and versions are used, or how we got to a screen. Each snippet will be accompanied by a comment explaining which file and line it came from.

Building “The Stream”

To build our social network, we’ll need both a backend and a mobile application. Most of the work is done in the mobile app, but we need the backend to create frontend tokens for interacting with the Stream API securely.

For the backend, we’ll rely on Express ( Node.js) leveraging Stream Feed’s JavaScript library.

For the frontend, we’ll build it with Kotlin wrapping Stream Feed’s Javalibrary.

There are two main actions a user takes, posting, and viewing messages. To post a message, the mobile application goes through his flow:

  • User types their name into our mobile application to log in.
  • The Android app registers the user with our backend and receives a Stream Activity Feed frontend token.
  • User types in their message and hits “Post”. The mobile app uses the Stream token to create a Stream activity on their user feed via Stream’s REST API using the Java library.
  • User views their posts. The mobile app does this by retrieving its user feed via Stream.

Here’s what happens if another user wants to follow a user and view their messages:

  • User logs in.
  • User navigates to the user list and selects a user to follow. The mobile app communicates with Stream API to create a follower relationship on their timeline feed.
  • User views their timeline. The mobile app uses Stream API to retrieve their timeline feed, which is composed of all the messages from who they follow.


Basic knowledge of Node.js (JavaScript) and Android (Kotlin) is required to follow this tutorial. This code is intended to run locally on your machine.

If you’d like to follow along, you’ll need an account with Stream. Please make sure you can build a simple Android app before embarking on this tutorial. If you haven’t done so, make sure you have Android Studioinstalled.

Once you have an account with Stream, you need to set up a development app. This is done from your dashboard:

You’ll need to add the credentials from the Stream app to the backend .envfile and start the server for the mobile application to work. See the backendREADME.md for more information.

Let’s get to building.

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Build a Custom Social Network/Timeline Feed With Kotlin
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