Boost Your Organization’s DevSecOps Maturity Level with Fuzzing

Boost Your Organization’s DevSecOps Maturity Level with Fuzzing

Instead, organizations, in order to stay ahead, be innovative, yet they should also think like an attacker. They need to know the offense in order to implement defense. This is where fuzz testing plays a vital role in DevSecOps.

Progressive organizations are betting that continuous testing — as a part of DevSecOps — is the answer to proactively mitigate against new threats. Continuous testing enables security teams to keep pace with development and IT operations teams, and to deliver deep integration and automation of security tooling. These requirements have led to increased interest in emerging techniques that prioritize automation, accuracy, and simplicity.

The first problem is that the traditional way of team software development, the Waterfall approach, is linear, and that’s not the way the world works today. Speed and scale always include complexity, and complexity can’t be supported with linear processes. There needs to be a feedback loop, and with waterfall, there’s little ability to iterate the software once it’s begun the development process.

Second, how do you operate the software? How you build the software affects how it operates in the real world. So, there needs to be continuous feedback between the developer and the operator. This is how you get DevOps, which is literally a combination of Development and IT Operations.

Third, how are you going to maintain the software? It can’t just exist, there needs to be a feedback loop to the beginning, to the planning phase, which includes security. This is how you get to Agile methodology, which is continuous and iterative, and DevSecOps, which includes security.

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