Here’s How You Can Have Fun Learning a New Language Online

Here’s How You Can Have Fun Learning a New Language Online

Here’s How You Can Have Fun Learning a New Language OnlineAnd actually see results. There are lots of known and traditional ways of learning a language out there on the internet.

There are lots of known and traditional ways of learning a language out there on the internet. You can easily find tons of online courses, grammar textbooks, websites and mobile apps. But, let’s be honest, most of these resources are pretty boring and the results take an eternity to show up. On this article, I’m gonna share with you a few tips that have helped me learn languages over the years while having a lot of fun.

First of all, let me introduce myself. I’m a 21 years old brazilian boy who have always had this passion for travel and languages within, but never had any money to study abroad or backpack around the world. Therefore, I had to find free, but also fun, ways to fulfill my desires (linguistic desires ok?). And that’s what I did. Today, besides Portuguese (my native language), I do speak English, Italian and French. And here’s how I learned these three languages without ever spendind a dime and without getting bored:

1. Find your motivation

Please, believe me, it’s gonna be a hundred percent easier to learn a foreign language if you have in mind a strong motivation to do so. And it can be literally anything. For example, my motivation to learn italian was very simple: pleasure. I find the language beautiful, it sounds like music to my ears and I love the italian culture. Consequently, when I first started to study it, it came nice and easy. I actually feel delight when I seat in front of my notebook, with my hot cup of coffee and read some sentences out loud.

So my first tip is: stop for a second and think about why you want to learn that specific language. And there’s where you’re gonna find your motivation.

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2. Focus on what really matters

In order to master a foreign language, you DO NOT need to know how to say “cousin-in-law” or “shrimp” (alert of exaggeration). What you absolutely need to know are the words that are most commonly used. Do not worry about knowing every single color or every single profession by heart, those things come naturally with the other tips that I’ll give you. If you want to simply be able to express yourself, start with “100/1000 most used words in insert you target language here”. That’s your head start. Of course, you can adapt that and include any topic that you are particularly interested in. For example, if you’re into cooking, you might want to learn all the kitchen vocabulary. That’s ideal for you, because you are way more likely to actually use those words than me, for example.

Another simple tip: learn your connective words (the most used ones)! These simple words will be your best friends when you start to form your first sentences in your mind, you’ll see.

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